Kindle Unlimited Reader Poll Winners!

Hello! Yes, I’m a few days late posting the winners of my Kindle Unlimited Reader Poll. :(  It has been a crazy few weeks here. I have sent emails to the winners.

Heidi M.


Bettina A.

Congratulations everyone!!

Thanks again for participating. Note: Stay tuned because I’ve got another poll in the works!!



McKenna's Honor
Book Four in The Clan MacDougall Series

The Infamous Muse…

The muse. Sometimes it sings to you, sometimes it whispers. Sometimes it’s silent. Sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks.

Click here to watch a video of me explaining one of the funniest or oddest (depends on your perspective) moments a muse hit me. :D

So what was one of your odd or funny moments a story idea hit?

McKenna's Honor Book Four in The Clan MacDougall Series

McKenna’s Honor
Book Four in The Clan MacDougall Series


What REALLY Happens When You Click the “BUY IT NOW” Button On a Book?

What REALLY Happens When You Click the “BUY IT NOW” Button On a Book?

Every time you click that ‘Buy Now’ button, ‘Read For Free’ button’ or ‘PreOrder Now’ button — whether your at Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo or wherever you purchase your books — you’re helping an author’s dreams come true. You might not realize it when you click it, but that is exactly what happens. Every. Single. Time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.59.33 AM

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you. You have made more than one of my dreams come true and all you had to do was click a wee little button.

The most recent dream you helped me — along with Kathryn Le Veque, Christi Caldwell, Cynthia Wright, Eva Devon and Eliza Knight — accomplish was making the USA Today Best Sellers List. With Dreams Only Of You is making a lot of dreams come true!11659551_939260139450682_2630922266083120639_n

I am eternally grateful to you, to all of you.

No matter the author, no matter the book, every click, every turn of the page you do helps one more author attain a goal and get closer to fulfilling a dream. So in reality, you’re part of something awesome, something spectacular, tangible or intangible.

Know my heart and know that I am humbled by your kind words and encouragement. Know my heart and know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Know my heart and know that I am grateful. I would not be where I am today were it not for all of you.

With gratitude,


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.59.20 AM   Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.59.39 AM


Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to sneak in a nap. Yes, I do that sometimes.

My phone is always on silent, especially when I’m writing. I glanced over and saw I had a call from a CA number. I assumed it was a telemarketer and ignored it. I glanced at it again a few minutes later and realized my phone was blowing up with numerous voicemail messages, texts, and PM’s. My initial thought was that someone had died.

I checked the first message. It was from the sweet, soft spoken, and amazingly talented author, Cynthia Wright. “Suzan, I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet, but we made the USA Today Best Sellers List!”

Hand to God, I started jumping around the room, squeeing like I’d just won the lottery!

The next voicemail was from my sister from another mister, the divine and beautiful author, Kathryn Le Veque. One long AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! It was a good thing I heard Cynthia’s voicemail first or else I would have called 911 and told them my friend Kathryn was being attacked! lol

Our novel With Dreams Only Of You – The Legend of the Theodosia Sword hit the USA Today Best Sellers List.

Our novel With Dreams Only Of You – The Legend of the Theodosia Sword hit the USA Today Best Sellers List!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.13.22 AM

This is the first time I’ve ever made that list. It’s a dream I’ve been keeping closely guarded since publishing my first novel in December of 2011, one of those secret dreams I was always afraid to say out loud for fear someone would scoff or I’d sound vain and egotistical.

But it has finally happened!!

USA banner Tisdale

Together with Kathryn Le Veque, Christi Caldwell, Cynthia Wright, Eliza Knight, and Eva Devon, we wrote a multi-genre collection unlike any other historical romance collection. This is not a bundle of past work, it is a collection of brand new stories that begins with the origins of the Theodosia Sword in ancient Rome and travels through centuries until we end up in contemporary times. Each of us took an era and wrote our individual stories. And we had a blast doing it!

Roman Scotland – The origins of the Theodosia Sword.
Medieval England – The legend begins.
The Scottish Highlands – The legend takes a twist.
Tudor England – A new dimension to the legend.
Georgian Era – The legend upon the high seas.
Regency England – The legend has new life.
Contemporary Times – The legend concludes.

I want to thank these exceedingly talented women for allowing me to be a part of the collection (even if we hadn’t made the USA Today Best Sellers List) I’d still be just as happy and proud to be a part of this collaboration.

I also want to thank our readers for helping to make yet one more dream of mine come true. I believe I can speak for Kathryn, Cynthia, Christi, Eliza and Devon when I say we are grateful to all of our amazing readers.

Now I’m off to go buy up every copy of the paper that I can get my hands on!

With love and gratitude,


(With Dreams Only of You is available at Amazon, iBooks, B&N and Kobo.)


Results of My Unscientific Reader Poll

Indie authors don’t always have access to data. There are lots of questions we would love to know about how readers read. I figured the best way to find the answers was to go straight to the source: the readers.

We’ve had 2353 responses to my very unscientific reader poll.

The first burning question:

Of the 2353 respondents, the vast majority do not currently subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.27.03 AM






Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.27.19 AM






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Kindle Unlimited

Recently, Amazon made some changes to how they pay authors who are members of their Kindle Select Program, more specifically those books that are in the Kindle Unlimited service. Personally, I think it is a step in the right direction and I welcome the changes.

I’m not here to talk about the actual programs, the pros and cons of these changes. I’m here to talk to readers.

I’ve put together a little poll and would love it if you would take a minute or two to answer a few questions. It would also be very beneficial if you could share the poll with your fellow readers. These are questions that most indie authors would love to know the answers to but we often have difficulty getting. Some of the questions are Kindle Unlimited specific, others are not. If you’re not a member, that is okay, we’d still love to know a few other things about how you read. :D

As an enticement to get you to answer and share, I’m going to give away three free digital copies of any of my books. Anyone who answers the questions will be entered to win. Winners will get to choose which book they want. Winners may also ‘gift’ their book to someone else if they’d like. I’ll choose the winner on July 1, 2015.

Click here to be whisked away to the poll! 



Hello, from Your Cheeky Wench!

2015 has turned out to be an amazing year! I’m looking forward to writing more books, visiting new places (Palm Springs, CA for one) and getting our room addition completed.

From today forward, this will be my primary blog. I still have my website ( but I needed a more convenient way to reach out to my readers as well as interact with them. While Facebook has been the primary source for that since 2011, with all their changes over the past year, it is much harder to keep in touch with you. Hence, the return to blogging and changes.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and encouragement!!



a/k/a Your Cheeky Wench