Results of My Unscientific Reader Poll

Indie authors don’t always have access to data. There are lots of questions we would love to know about how readers read. I figured the best way to find the answers was to go straight to the source: the readers.

We’ve had 2353 responses to my very unscientific reader poll.

The first burning question:

Of the 2353 respondents, the vast majority do not currently subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

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Kindle Unlimited

Recently, Amazon made some changes to how they pay authors who are members of their Kindle Select Program, more specifically those books that are in the Kindle Unlimited service. Personally, I think it is a step in the right direction and I welcome the changes.

I’m not here to talk about the actual programs, the pros and cons of these changes. I’m here to talk to readers.

I’ve put together a little poll and would love it if you would take a minute or two to answer a few questions. It would also be very beneficial if you could share the poll with your fellow readers. These are questions that most indie authors would love to know the answers to but we often have difficulty getting. Some of the questions are Kindle Unlimited specific, others are not. If you’re not a member, that is okay, we’d still love to know a few other things about how you read. 😀

As an enticement to get you to answer and share, I’m going to give away three free digital copies of any of my books. Anyone who answers the questions will be entered to win. Winners will get to choose which book they want. Winners may also ‘gift’ their book to someone else if they’d like. I’ll choose the winner on July 1, 2015.

Click here to be whisked away to the poll! 



Hello, from Your Cheeky Wench!

2015 has turned out to be an amazing year! I’m looking forward to writing more books, visiting new places (Palm Springs, CA for one) and getting our room addition completed.

From today forward, this will be my primary blog. I still have my website ( but I needed a more convenient way to reach out to my readers as well as interact with them. While Facebook has been the primary source for that since 2011, with all their changes over the past year, it is much harder to keep in touch with you. Hence, the return to blogging and changes.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and encouragement!!



a/k/a Your Cheeky Wench