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Recently, Amazon made some changes to how they pay authors who are members of their Kindle Select Program, more specifically those books that are in the Kindle Unlimited service. Personally, I think it is a step in the right direction and I welcome the changes.

I’m not here to talk about the actual programs, the pros and cons of these changes. I’m here to talk to readers.

I’ve put together a little poll and would love it if you would take a minute or two to answer a few questions. It would also be very beneficial if you could share the poll with your fellow readers. These are questions that most indie authors would love to know the answers to but we often have difficulty getting. Some of the questions are Kindle Unlimited specific, others are not. If you’re not a member, that is okay, we’d still love to know a few other things about how you read. 😀

As an enticement to get you to answer and share, I’m going to give away three free digital copies of any of my books. Anyone who answers the questions will be entered to win. Winners will get to choose which book they want. Winners may also ‘gift’ their book to someone else if they’d like. I’ll choose the winner on July 1, 2015.

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10 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited

  1. Great idea but costly. I like to keep my books, both hard copy and kindle so I have the enjoyment of revisiting them.

  2. I resent that some author I really like are only available on a Kindle. I have a Nook to and live in the states and do most of my book buying at B&N and that is where my gifts cards are so I can us them to buy my books.

  3. Emily Lucero: I agree, it can be quite frustrating. Out of curiosity (because I only have a Kindle and an iPad) is it possible to get the Kindle reader app for a Nook?

  4. I have been a subscriber since it started. I love it. It gives me a chance to check out authors that are new to me. I have ended up more times than I can count going on to purchase entire collections of that new author’s book that I have gotten from Kindle Unlimited. I have also purchased a particular book that I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to read again in the future that I have gotten from Kindle Unlimited. I read a LOT of books, so it works well for me. Also, the selection is very good and getting better all the time. Carolyn Hughes 😉

  5. survey complete, Suzan, I’m holding my breath waiting for yours to come on kindle unlimited, I own several from 2012 & 2013. I am an unlimited subscriber since day one. I couldn’t believe it when I would only have to pay $100.00 a year to read as many books as I wanted instead of literally hundreds. There are weeks that I read up to 5 & 6 books a week. I carry my kindle with me everywhere. I started reading romance in high school (1970’s) and have never stopped. I used to keep all my books and finally in 1998 I said enough is enough and gave them to a local library. Sure in 5 years that’s $500.00 but it’s probably been $5,000.00 or more since high school, I used to buy sets of hard covers, just saying if you read a lot you have to do the math, I love to read, it is my passion, so to me kindle unlimited makes sense.

  6. I do not have Kindle Unlimited but have recently been considering because I actually read a lot. And while I am a Kindle reader, some books you go back too time and again and some you do not. So I am finding these comments interesting in the pros & cons of the Unlimited version. Thank you Suzan for sharing this!!

  7. I do not have Kindle Unlimited. I don’t think it’s for me as I can’t 1) read as fast as I used to 2) am on disability and can’t really afford the monthly $9,99+Tx and 3) I’m more of a “keeper” where books are concerned (I don’t really like to borrow).

  8. My husband and I both subscribe to KU. Before KU, my Amazon budget was-gulp-$200/month! With KU it has dropped to about $25-50/month, because if I love a book, I’ll buy it to keep. And as others have said, if only the first in a series is on KU, I’ll buy the whole series if I love the first book. To answer a previous reader’s question, the kindle app is available on all e-readers except Kobo, but most readers don’t realize it.

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