Texting The Cheeky Wench!

Texting the Wench

If you would like to receive updates on new releases, contests and other book related Cheeky Wench information:

 Inside the US: Text CheekyWenchUS to 24587

Outside the US: Text CheekyWenchOS to 447797800851


Q. How does it work?

A. I will send messages regarding new releases, release dates, contests, and other book related information to readers who ‘opt in’ to receive these messages.

Q. How often will you text?

A. Maybe two or three times a month. It depends on how many contests I’m running, number of new releases, etc. But I promise it won’t be every day. 

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero pennies. It is free to sign up for this feature. HOWEVER, you are subject to your normal phone provider charges. Some people have unlimited texting, others don’t. With most plans, incoming messages are free, but check with YOUR PHONE provider if you have any questions in that regard. If you’re not sure, then don’t opt in. 

 Q. How do I stop receiving messages?

A. You can opt out at any time. Just reply STOP to any message you receive from me. 

If you have additional questions, please send me an email: suzan@suzantisdale.com

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