The Gift of Reading

I will admit openly to stealing this idea from Hugh Howey. He’s one of my heroes in the indie publishing world and someone I admire a great deal.

This post is all about the love of reading. As a child, I was horribly, painfully introverted. Reading, as was writing, was a means of escape. It was my mother who gave me this love of reading. I firmly believe this was the best gift she ever gave me. Without that love and passion for reading, I doubt that I would have developed the love and passion for writing.

My favorite childhood memories were the weekly trips my mother and I would take to our local library. To this day, whenever I step into a library, I am instantly at peace. The world around me falls away. The smell of all those beautiful tomes is more relaxing than any scented candle or day at the spa.

As I grew older I would read read my books and all the books my mother would come home with. While many people go to yard sales to buy knick-knacks or furniture or what-nots, mamma and I went in search of books. Finding books for a nickel was akin to hitting the lottery. 20 books for a dollar? Heaven on earth!

I loved reading then and still do today. Though I have to admit to not being able to read three or four books a week like I used to. I’m too busy writing them — which is also like Heaven on earth to me.

I still love paperbacks and hardcover books and still visit my local libraries as often as I can, but I also love my Kindle. One of the things I love most about my kindle is that it’s like having every library in the world right at my fingertips. We have a lot of cold, dark, snowy winters here in the Midwest, days where you can’t leave the house because the snow is too deep or the windchill factor dangerously low. Instead of having to bundle up like I’m getting ready for the Iditarod, I can make a cup of hot chocolate, curl up in my favorite chair, and open my kindle. I’ve got hundreds of books on my TBR list, but if I want something different, I can visit the Kindle Store and find something new. One click and it’s mine. Hundreds of thousands of books all in the palm of my hand. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

Because I believe reading is so important and I love the Kindle Unlimited Program, I’m going to do a special giScreen Shot 2015-08-22 at 8.56.54 AMve away. I’m going to give away ONE Kindle with 6″ with glare free touch screen and wi-fi, valued at $79. I’m ALSO going to give away five (5), six-month Kindle Unlimited subscriptions which are worth $60 each. Yesterday, I discussed why I
liked this program — yes I am a member and use it all the time — and answered some common misconceptions about the Kindle Unlimited program.

I will choose five winners from those who comment on this post and tell me why you love to read, what reading meant to you as a child or what it means to you now. What were some of your favorite books as a kid? As an adult? No, you don’t have to answer all these questions, they’re just suggestions. I will announce the winners before I leave for the InD’Scribe Author and Reader event in September.

I was telling my friend, the divine and beautiful author Kathryn Le Veque about borrowing Hugh’s idea. She was so excited about it that she is going to give away five (5) Kindle Unlimited Subscriptions too. So now, you’ve doubled your chances of winning! Just visit Kathryn’s site by clicking here.

UPDATE: The response to this has been amazing! People are asking about hashtags. Please use #giftofreading, #giftofreadinggiveaway, or #suzantisdalegiveaway for tweeting or FB posts. Thank you all!!!

Now let’s share the gift of reading!


234 thoughts on “The Gift of Reading

  1. We moved around a lot when I was a kid and those SFF books were the ‘friends’ I could always take with me. So, I read a lot, up to perhaps 3 books a week (like 300-500 page books). As an adult, I have learned to love audiobooks since they let me knit at the same time.

  2. Reading for me helped me to develop an appreciation for the written word. I can distinctly remember my literature teacher in high school telling me that I didn’t comprehend what I read so that just got me to read more. That year when I took my finals I got a B, to me that was a great accomplishment. I started reading romance novels by Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts today I have branched off into other genres but historical novels is where my heart lies. My all time favorite book is Viscount Breckenridge To The Rescue by Stephanie Laurens, I just fell in love with the Cynster family.

  3. When I was 6, my parents moved far away for a year and left me with relatives who were people I did not know. I had learned to read when I was 4, so books became my friends. There were bookmobile visits to the school I attended and I took as many books home as the law allowed. From that time in my life, books have meant comfort for me. And things have not changed. In fact, I believe I am a book addict. A lovely way to go.

  4. I learned to read at a very young age and devoured fiction books about far away places, times, and doings; as well as nonfiction books about heroes, great people, and exciting events. When I was going through college I of course couldn’t read as much, but now that I just recently finished, I’m getting back into it by rereading old favorites and picking up interesting looking new books. I love my new Kindle Paperwhite because on it I always have so many selections anywhere I am.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  5. I have been reading since I was five and my brother handed me a book.I’ve been around the world without leaving my house and fought dragons and even went on a journey to middle earth and was home in time to cook dinner.That’s why I love to read and will always have a book to do so

  6. My parents were both teachers and I can remember seeing the extensive library they had, books of every genre imaginable. But watching them and seeing the enjoyment they got from reading, that’s what hooked me! Nancy Drew and the Little House series were my go to’s. Today, I find time to read every night after I get home from work. I can think of no better way to decompress after a full day of work and a couple of hours commuting. Reading is my sanctuary.

  7. I have always loved to read. Also, as a child, one of my favorite places to go was the library. I have always loved mysteries.

    The idea behind Kindle Unlimited is great. Eventually I hope to be able to sign up for it. I also would like a have a Kindle to read those books on. I have an Android tablet that I could listen to the audiobooks on. I like my books as paper or e-books but also as audiobooks and e-audiobooks.

  8. When I was a child, my grandmother, who had been a kindergarten teacher years before, taught both me and my brother how to read, BEFORE we started kindergarten. I’ve been reading ever since. My friends are always teasing me about me carrying a book in my purse (I’m not the only one who does this, however!), and now that I have an iPad (admittedly, it’s a first generation one, and so has issues with the Kindle app), I can read even more then I could before. That doesn’t mean that I have neglected my local library, however. I usually have at least 4 or 5 books checked out at any given time. Of course, my sleep patterns have now gotten totally screwed up because of all the reading I’m doing!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  9. I’ve been reading pretty much non-stop since I was about twelve. I grew up in a large crazy family and there was always so much going on, I just needed a way to relax and get away from it all. Reading was that outlet for me, and even now as an adult it is my stress reliever. I have always loved being able to read a book, imagine everything going on, and escape to far off places and time. There’s nothing better than curling up (cat in lap) and reafing a good book. It’s so much better than today’s ‘reality television!’ I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi and it doesn’t matter if it’s a free e-book, print book, or social media; the poor grammar and mistakes drive me batty! I always have the margins marked up with corrections and my e-books have notes with the corrections. LOL I honestly can’t say if I have one true favorite author or book… I read too much and love them all! I will say when it comes to romance I started reading Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, and Johanna Lindsay. I have branched out from there and love reading period! It could be YA, fantasy, period, erotica… my books know no boundaries! 🙂

  10. My love of reading started even before I could read. My parents always read to us before bedtime. I still remember many nights listening along with my brothers to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “James and the Giant Peach”. Favorite books growing up included “The Phantom Tollbooth”, “Watership Down”, “Pride and Prejudice”, and “The Alchemist”. And now I’m fortunate enough to volunteer at a used book shop where the sales benefit senior programs in my community.

  11. My daughter is just like you when you were young. She loves reading too and I think finds it as an escape since she is on introvert too. I think a 13 year old who loves to read these days is saying a lot considering all the tech that is out there now. I even find that I get super excited when I can find her something she likes to read. Like me she is picky with what she reads and when she will actually give a book, I picked out, a shot it feels like such a victory for me!!

    If only there were more time in the day to read! I live in Maine and can completely relate to the long cold winters. Reading is the best medicine!

  12. I loved reading when I was younger. There were 6 of us in the family and when 1 of us was done with a book we would hand it down to the next one. We would read all day long if our parents would let us. Now the love of reading is handed down to my 5 grandchildren. I still had my Nancy Drew books that my granddaughters read now.. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  13. Oh my gosh! I have always loved reading. While in high school, I won an award for having read the most books in a 6 week period. My prize? A copy of “The Hobbit.” Thus began my lifelong love of anything by J.R.R. Tolkien. As a child, we have the Junior Classic series which I avidly read – especially the history, legends and fairy tales which began my lifelong love of those types of stories – especially King Arthur legends. Somewhere along the way I discovered the works of Anne McCaffrey which led to a love of dragons. In a college history class, our homework was to write essays on history books we read. I wrote mine in first person syntax – something my professor loved because I really got into the heart of the book. I also have several favorite Christian authors, among them Max Lucado and Calvin Miller. Today I read a wide of variety of authors in a wide variety of genres. I have several book accounts, all with hundreds of titles so that I’m never “alone” nor do I ever have to decide what to read (unless I’m crunched for time or reading to fall asleep – then I choose something short or something which is not a nail biting, page turning romance, mystery or thriller – LOL!).
    My only regret is that is never, ever nearly enough time for me to curl up with a cup of favorite beverage and lose myself in another place or another time.

  14. I’m the youngest, and because of things that happened when the oldest moved out, I was pretty much left alone and, living in a farm area, books were the only thing I had. I could get though two 300+ books a day. If I wasn’t making dinner or cleaning something, I was reading. Even had my own shelf in the “Hold” case at the library. 15+ books in and out each week. I literally ran out of books to read in the teen section. That was 4th grade, I’m in my sophomore year of college and they’re still my most prized possessions. My sister even labeled the box (because she limited me to one box) “The Babies” when I moved into my dorm room. I brought my favorite Nancy Drew and my entire Sherrilyn Kenyon collection. I’m an adult and you still don’t see me without a book, ever.

  15. I have loved reading for as low ng as I can remember!! I loved Mrs piggle wiggle! Then pippi longstockins ! The I progressed to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boy’s! Then in my early teens it was Little women S.E.Hinton! Then I read gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell and I was hooked! Historicals started being my favorite at about 15 my aunts used to give me theirs when they were done Rosemary Rogers wicked loving lies was my first bodice ripper! Wow ! I used to sneak cause I didn’t want my dad to find it at 15 I probably shouldn’t be reading some of the things in those but ! They took me all over the world! Sailing with pirates captured in harems England stolen by Indians!! Wow some of the experiences I’ve had !! That’s why I love books they make you use your mind and give you a spirit of adventure

  16. Reading introduces me to new authors, characters, and strange new worlds that I can re-visit any time I want. Each book, no matter the format, is a treasure.

  17. Reading is a great stress reliever for me & the best is when I’ve got a great author who can whisk me away into the world I’m reading. (specifically love historical romances!)

  18. I´ve always loved reading, and read fast even as a child. I remember the joy of buying the latest Nancy Drew (Kitty here in Sweden) and finishing it in three hours LOL Oh, the joy and the emptiness after =D
    Now I´m a Kindleholic, I´ve filled my Kindle with books to read and still one-click more books. Oh, and I´ve found Audible and the ease of listening in the sun *happy sigh* There´s just so many great books out there, and so little time. I wish I could multitask books =D
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Monday!

  19. Reading has always been, next to my family, the thing I love the most. I am the child of a teacher who read to me from the beginning, and I continued that with my children. When my nieces and nephews were young I always gave them books for Christmas. My daughter thought the absolute worst punishment I could dole out was skipping our bedtime story, My favorite reading memory involves those bedtime stories. When she was 4 I was reading the Junie B. Jones books to her. When we read Meanie Jim’s birthday, I got to a scene that was so hilarious I had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard (Junie uses the nails and hammer from Jim’s birthday gift of a tool belt to nail shut her door). My daughter joined in and my husband ran into the room to see what the commotion was. We all still love to read and spread the joy whenever possible.

  20. I was not a reader as a child, but in my twenties my sister got me interested in reading historical romances. Since then, I am always reading a romance book, either contemporary or
    historical. I can’t imagine not reading.

  21. As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved to read. I learned to write and read when I was about 5 years old. I had friends a little older than me who would come and play with me after school. They taught me my letters and numbers. By the time I was 7 years old, I kept bugging my brother to let me read his Bob Morane books (he was 8 years older than me). He tested me by having me read one of the books – Le Gorille Blanc – and then asked me what it was about. It seems I passed successfully because as of that day, I was allowed to read his books. He and I later shared a fondness for anything paranormal and historical. Being rather shy, reading allowed me – and still does – to escape in another world, another reality, for a few hours. Historicals are my very favorite types of books, particularly if the action is set before 1900. Westerns, Regency, Medieval (Europe, Far East, Middle East, Africa, North and South America… anywhere), Fantasy… anything so long as there’s a historical element to it (I’m crazy enough that if the events described in the book piques my interest, I might make research of my own about said period). I also love a good mystery/thriller. I’m positive I’d be very sad if I couldn’t read anymore.

  22. Reading is a way of escaping the everyday pains for me. Takes to places you would never get to go too. You meet people in the books you fall in love with and some you hate. Having a neuromuscular disease, reading gives me that space from reality.

  23. I’ve always been a reader as a child reading meant I was able to visit different countries and time periods without leaving my country today it still means that and so much more!

  24. I’ve found quite a few new-to-me authors on KU and found more than a few I already knew and could read more of a series that I wasn’t able to afford/find on the market, or be introduced to a new series by a favorite author. I LOVE the fact so many also have audio – I’ve gotten hooked on audio now that I can listen at work to drown out all the people talking around me. I hope more authors in the Romance genre will join in with KU – I feel like so many authors are missing out on the chance to find new readers. Not all books have to be posted, right? And some authors have 10+ year old stories out there that are still being priced too high to even think about. (I think 35 or so for an audio is a tad high as well as $10-12 for the Kindle edition.) Okay, I’m off my soapbox now. Thanks for ALL you do.

  25. I have never done KU. I would love to try it for a while, but if I don’t win one, I won’t be able to afford it. I love to read….Crave it, actually. Winning would be awesome, but even if I don’t win, I’m glad someone will because this is an amazing prize.

  26. I was always in trouble as a kid and tv privileges were the first to be taken away so I learned to escape into books. I still do to this very day.

  27. What were some of your favorite books as an adult? The Highlander Series by Karen Marie Moning, Your Wee Williams Woman, but also the Laiden Daughter, without which I would never have read your books. Donna Fletchers Highlander Trilogy. So many more to name but not enough space. lol I bought a reader for my sister and decided to get one for myself. I was reading horrors, because I love them so much. Got bored one day and asked my sister what she thinks I should try reading and BOOM, I was off on a new genre of KMM. That was about 3 or 4 yrs ago.

  28. I do not have many friends, even when I was a child I found it hard to connect with people. I was always better with animals and spent a lot of time alone with my books for friends. Books are still my best friends, ( besides my furies) I read because I have to. My mind is constantly thinking and never seems to shut off. the only time It is quite is when I am involved in a story. Stories take me to places I would never be able to go in real life and lets me live my fantasies with the written word. Plus I get a hot sexy book boyfriend I would never be able to catch in real life. Not being able to read would be a cruel punishment for me.

  29. I love to read since I was small. Reading helps me take my mind off of the problems that I have in my life. It helps transported me to my own beautiful fantasy world where there are good people that gets their own happily ever after ending. My favorite genre is historical romance: Medieval time. I love reading about brave knights, ladies and all that. I also love reading books that take place in Scotland; you gotta love those men in kilts. lol. Beside historical romance books, I also love reading mystery/suspense novels. Overall, reading is part of my life. It brings great happiness, peace, and healing to my soul.

  30. My branch library opened when I was six. I remember the school outing to the library and the joy of getting my first library card. I had never seen so many books in one place! Reading allows me to escape to different worlds and times and provides mini vacations when I can’t get away.

  31. I loved reading as a kid, going to the library & picking out books was something that I looked forward to all week. My Dad would drop me off & take my brothers to their sports practices & comes back & pick me up a couple hours later…. it was my happy place. I had a lot of surgeries as a child & teen so books we my world…. I could escape into them & do everything that maybe I couldn’t do in the hospital. The characters became my friends in a way.

  32. I started reading when I was in my late 20’s I picked up The Bride @ the airport on the way to Jamaica.
    From then is was a way to travel to places with people who had happy endings.
    Most of my reading is about Scotland the place I call home.

  33. Reading has always been an escape for me. I can’t remember a time I didn’t have my face buried in a book. Books took me to place I could never imagine going as a child and as an adult, they took me away from the day to day responsibilities.

  34. My father instilled in me the love to read. He would read to me every day and he taught me how to read before I even began Kindergarten. As a child, I loved reading The Babysitters Club, Goosebumps, and then I graduated to Fear Street, Phyllis A. Whitney, and Victoria Holt. I love when a story engrosses me so much, that when I finish it, I keep thinking about it. I don’t want to leave their worlds.

  35. Growing up as a military brat we moved all the time and books were my best friends. I loved traveling to other places as much as the journeys I took though books. As an adult, books continue to take me on journeys through other people’s worlds through their writing. Amazing adventures that I hope will never end!

  36. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. As a child I read every book I could get my hands on. My favorites when I was young were Sweet Valley High, The Babysitter’s Club, Nancy Drew, and Goosebumps. As an adult, I love to read all types of Historical Romances, Stephanie Laurens, Kat Martin, Christi Caldwell, Suzan Tisdale, Shana Galen, Jillian Hunter, just to name a few. Reading has always been an outlet for me, a way to decompress from a busy stress filled day as an adult and a way to escape the difficulties I experienced as a foster child.

  37. I love reading cause it takes my away to different places. It’s so relaxing. Thanks for the chance.

  38. When I was growing up I remember walking to our local library every week and getting out books to read. My girlfriends and I would sit outside together and read, sometimes out loud. I especially enjoyed reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy mysteries. I continued to read in high school and I was in college when I discovered Georgette Heyer and fell in love. I read all the time now that I’m retired. My go to authors now are Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn and Stephanie Laurens.

  39. I wasn’t really an avid reader as a child or even during my teen years. When I returned to college as an older student, wife and mother, to become a teacher, it was then that I unlocked reading for pleasure. Since I became a special education teacher, it was important to me to help students who struggled with reading to embrace that love. It also helps that every summer, the teachers at our school have book club where the books we have voted on reading. We take turns meeting at each other’s homes, serving drinks and food that are relative to the book. We don’t limit our book club just to current teachers, but also other women who currently or previously worked at our school. It’s a great social event and has helped me to expand the genres I read.

  40. I started reading at a very young age because my mother was wonderful and read to me. One of my favorite books as a child and still is today is a little book called “Charlie”. I have not been able to find that book again even though I have looked. I read at least one book a day if not more when reading ebooks, but I still love my paperback books too! I will keep reading until I can no longer read and then I will switch to audio books.

  41. I’ve been reading since I was a child because it kept my mind occupied. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and my negative thinking always got worse. While reading books it keeps my mind clear of the negativity. I read about 20 books a month. Thank you so much for the chance!

  42. Reading is the same for me as an adult as it was as a child, pure escapism. Being the baby, it wasn’t always easy to connect with my two older siblings.They are only 11 months apart in age and I didn’t come along until 5 yrs later. Amazingly enough, I’m the only one of us that loves to read and does so weekly. Some of my favorite authors as a child were Judy Blume (The Fudge Series, Blubber, Freckle Juice, Forever), Beverly Cleary (Ramona the Pest, Ribsy, Gertrude Chandler Warner (The Boxcar Children), Peggy Parish (Amelia Bedelia), Donald J. Sobol (Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective), Thomas Rockwell (How to Eat Fried Worms).

    I discovered romance novels at the ripe young age of 10 when my mom let me read one of her Harlequins. The late Janet Dailey’s Americana series was the first set of books I bought as a teen. I fell in love with the stories from Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught along with Virginia Hensley, Amanda Quick and Elizabeth Lowell in the early days. Thanks to a former co-worker, I’ve been introduced to so many more to fall in love with and FB parties have opened up a great world of reading, new friends and author interaction that I greatly appreciate.

  43. During the Vietnam War, my mother bought me loads of books to keep my mind off the dangers my father faced. From that time on I never stopped reading.

    When I became school-aged, I quickly fell in love with the Ingalls family and the pioneer days. Then as a preteen, I was introduced to the Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew series. Now, I’m a proud book hoarder, drawn in by beautiful book covers and the of stories behind them.

    Reading widens my world, eases my fears, and soothes my soul. With every book, I’m forever changed. 🙂

  44. Hi Suzan!
    My love of reading began when I was just 10 years old and spent the summer at our local library. The first book I read that summer was The Secret Garden and I was fascinated thinking about how common sense and wisdom and how keeping those two things in mind can change your life.

    After reading it the library became my favorite place to visit and again I was surprised when I found the section of the library that highlighted books on famous women. including Madam Curie and Amelia Earhart. By the end of the summer I had read all the books they had in the library about women making a difference in the world!

    I was fortunate to marry a man that also loved to read and passed the love of reading onto both of our sons who then the love of reading down to their children! The all love to read and even though they don’t sit down often with a “real book” they have to be bribed to stop reading on their kindles (and that includes my youngest grandson who just turned 5 this summer!).

  45. I did not start serious reading until I was around 22 yrs old. My husband worked all 3 shifts and I worked days. I did not watch a lot of TV at that time so a friend started me reading Barbara Cartland and Kathleen E Woodiwiss. I fell in love and could not get enough. Even when my children came I still read as much as possible. The amazing adventures and places I would not had the opportunity to have and I hope I will not forget.

    My husband has tried to get to stop reading over the years but I just told him try it you might like it. I talked him into reading about 20 years or so ago but he chose true ghost stories, bathroom reader’s and train books until one day he picked out a book that had the word ghost in it by Kat Martin. He thought I bought it for him. He raved how great it was and how well written it was. Now he has read all the books I own by her, her husband and reads nothing but romance stories. Now that we are retired he reads more than I do.

  46. Reading is an escape for me — it always was! When I read, it is like an out of body experience. The really good books, transport me to the time and place. I become one of the characters, feel the emotions. In this way, I have gotten to live in castles, ride powerful horses and dress in the most elegant gowns —-finding my true knight in shining armor! I love to read them more than once because I always pick up something I overlooked reading the first time. Haven’t tried the audio books yet, but will in the future. Have a great admiration for authors and so thankful they share their talent with us!

  47. My mother taught me to read. Although she did not read English she introduced books to me. She taught herself English so that she could help me. Every time I pick up a book I thank her. I can read two to three books a day when not working. I also speak English and Spanish and read and write both.

  48. First, I have to say I just discovered you through the “With Dreams” set. I have found so many awesome author’s through Kathryn LeVeque and fun people in general. My love of reading was born out of need. I needed to read for escapism and books became my home. The first book that caught me was C.S. Lewis The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. That’s when I knew for sure books were magic. And now they still help me through life’s challenges. What a wonderful gift to your readers. See what I mean awesome people!

  49. Reading is integral to everything I do. If I am awake, I am reading. Truly. My Kindle goes with me everywhere, along with one or two othet books, just in case. Not only do I read all the time, I talk about books with everyone -with my students, my colleagues, my friends, and even random people on the street. Reading educates mw, transports me, consoles me, motivates me, and on and on. When students tell me that they don’t read, I want to cry for them because by reading, one is able to experience life at its fullest!

  50. As a child I loved reading because I liked stories about girls my age. I liked realistic fiction, so read about kids playing together (Nancy Drew Notebooks), living at a aunt’s farm (Emily of New Moon), etc.

  51. I have loved reading ever since I was a little girl. I had so many of the little golden books and read the Bernstein bears over and over. Then it was Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I enjoy reading all kinds of genre’s. I share books with my sisters, we are always swapping books and then donating them to charity’s when we have finished reading them. Everyone laughs at me that I would rather read than watch tv. I tell them that I can make the movie in my mind my way by reading 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win more books!!!!!

  52. For me reading has always been about exploring new world’s in my favorite genres like sci-fi and romance. It’s a gateway to imagination as I put myself in the characters and go on the journey with them. No matter if the author is a favorite or a brand new author it’s always fun to get lost and share the moments.

  53. I’ve been reading longer than I can remember. My dad taught me young and by kindergarten I could read big books. I actually stole a romance off the neighbors porch and took it to show and tell and started read out loud about “creamy, white supple breasts.” I got sent home that day. 😮

    I continued to read all the time. I didn’t have the best childhood and books were my escape. My mom’s drug addict friends would bring me boxes of books to distract me. I devoured them all, even the old textbooks they brought. I didn’t go to school for a whole grade, never stepped foot in a 3rd grade class, but because of the books I read they tested me into the 4th grade and I didn’t get held back. Books have always been an escape, and a safe place for me. I am sharing that love of books and reading with my kids too.

  54. I used to ride my bike to the library. I read the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High. Loved them. As an adult o gravitated to Stephen King and Tom Clancy. Now that I’m an “older” adult ( ha ha) I’m all about romance!! I love my romance novels. Pretty much any time period (except early 20th century).

  55. Reading has always been my escape. As a child, I lived with some harsh realities and reading helped me overcome them and give me a safe place for a while. As an adult, I still using reading as an escape and to explore different worlds. Also, I just love happy endings and those are few and far between in life. A few of my favorite authors now are Nora Roberts, Eloisa James, and Maya Angelou. As a child, I loved Ann M. Martin, K.A. Applegate, and Lurlene McDaniels. This is such an awesome prize, I would love a subscription to KU, just haven’t been able to afford it yet. 🙂

  56. Growing up my parents couldn’t read or write , so i wasn’t read to as a child , when i hit about 4th grade i just about devoured everything i could get my hands on ., as soon as my children were born i started reading to them, my girls are not much for reading ,,but my son loves to read, . I cannot go to sleep unless i read it calms me down and oh the adventures i have been on are so fantastic its worth staying up late to read that extra chapter.

  57. Thank you for the chance Suzan.
    I loved books since before I started reading. My sister read to me and we had the diafilms and the 45s. My whole family read, in various languages… at every paycheck my Mother bought us one or two books, we had a huge library where lots of friends came to borrow and we had quite a few old ones too handed down for generations.

  58. Hi Suzan I loved your reasons behind this while ebook situation, good and bad. I free up in a big family, #3 of 6 kids and my dad died when I had barely turned 6 the month prior. So being raised by a young widow of 35 with her kids ranging with the eldest barely 14 to the youngest who had turned only 1 the week prior was very rough. We as a family stayed close, probably closer than most even when mom passed in 2004, she had her 77th birthday only the month before. Anyway the reason behind it all is we never had much but love for each other and books. We have always read, personally I believe to this day everyone should read, especially for fun and enjoyment. Many family kids birthday and Christmas presents will always have books for them in there somewhere. I was 5 when I got my first library card and my dad took me to get it. He would take me and my 2 older brothers to the library weekly. At least that held true for a year since he died just after I turned 6, but it never stopped me going to the library. I would read everything I could including my brothers books, even PT 109 I remember reading of theirs too. Since I was raised a products of the 60’s books were it, besides B&W TV then, so I was, is and am a voracious reader. Thank you Suzan, for clearing up the KU misconception of 10 books a month, hence I never got KU, I read probably at least 25+/month. I hear you on buying hard and paperbacks, I used to buy as many as I could, even used, and now ebooks. Unfortunately in August 2013, that’s right, 2 years ago now I had a stroke, so guess what reading helped me recover quicker, more quickly than most since reading keeps your brain active, and you may not talk right because of paralysis, you can read, comprehend and understand still. So guess what, I probably read more now than ever, even over TV still, again. I would go crazy if I could never read or have access to books and reading to this day. By the way I still buy as many books, hard, paper and ebooks as I can get including all the Gift Cards, especially Amazon, with Birthdays and Christmas even now. So I can say give me books as presents, especially my favorite authors to this day. Thanks again.

  59. I love reading because it gives me an opportunity to go places I may never go, to visit periods in history I can never visit and escape into wonderful places I can only dream of. I love becoming involved in the characters and the anticipation of what may happen next! It brings me a comfort and peace in a very hectic life, I could not do without it and my Kindle is one of the BEST presents I ever received!!

  60. I love reading mostly because of the entertainment it gives me, but also because of the enlightenment, enrichment and escape. I loved reading as a child because I was an introvert, and could do it alone; plus we were not allowed to watch television, so it was my favorite activity. I credit my impressive scholastic successes (school, undergrad and graduate) to reading, it put me so far ahead in grammar, geography,reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, analysis, and in all of my writing assignments. I have never owned a Kindle, I use the Kindle app, aspiring to the Kindle!

  61. I don’t remember not reading I’ve been reading so long. I was the kid with the flashlight under the covers reading late into the night. Reading was a way to escape and see other places

  62. I was and am very shy. I started reading at 3-4 yrs old. Don’t really remember NOT reading. Reading helped me feel like I had a lot of friends and adventures. Mom always had books around. I grew up with the library a couple of blocks away and went every day in the summer. I also grew up reading READER’S DIGEST CONDENSED BOOKS. That gave me a very wide range of things to read. Discovered some great writers from that and learned a lot about a lot of things.

  63. I was taught a love for reading at a young age, by seeing my parents read and enjoy books. I love to read for many reasons, but my favorite reason would be to travel. I have been many many places in the pages of a book that I may never see in person. I can’t describe the amazement and joy when I travel somewhere in real life that I’ve only read about in a book!

  64. I have loved reading as long as I can remember. I spent a lot of time in my library as a kid. I still visit the same one (I have to pay for my card now that I live in the next town.). I love being able to escape into other worlds, other times, or just other people’s lives. I think it is a good stress reliever. I don’t know what I would without books. Books have helped me get through bad times, sad times, and lonely times. I give books as presents to every kid I know in hopes that they will become life long readers.

  65. I was a lonely child and reading let me enter new worlds. I discovered Andre Norton when I was 9 and discovered new worlds waiting to be explored. I discovered Dame Cartland while pregnant with my daughter. Now, even though I am not lonely, my best friends will always be my books. Audio books joined paperbacks and hardbacks like younger siblings in my library. I love them all.

  66. I discovered reading in the first grade when I read Heidi. We never had any books at home, actually I never saw anyone in our house read. After my dad died when I was eight we moved into town and were close to the local library. I started going there every day and checking out books like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and a little later on Grace Livingston Hill and Emilie Loring. The librarian, who was kind of a stern looking woman must have recognized a love of reading in me right away because after a few weeks she let me check out more books than you usually could. Even after all these years and she’s been gone for a long time I still have very fond feelings about her. When I was probably 16 I discovered The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss, I was totally hooked on romance books then. A few years after that I discovered Victoria Holt, Phyllis Whitney and Mary Stewart and thus began my love of romantic suspense. I loved my book collection but unfortunately lost them all in the May 2011 massive tornado here. Even though I miss my older books I can’t complain, I made it out and so many others didn’t. I read a lot of different genre’s but romance is still my main subject. When I’m feeling down or trying to take my mind off my aches and pains from my severe RA I reach for a book so I can invest myself in the characters lives and travel to other parts of the country and world that I will never see in person. Books give me freedom, joy, happiness, sadness and just about every emotion you can think of. I am a life long reader and I’m proud of the fact that my two daughters and my grandkids enjoy reading too.

  67. I was also a shy child, who had been told repeatedly that she was ugly, so I found escape in books. My grandfather thought I should spend the time doing needlework and more ladylike activities, so I learned to hide an read. I would climb trees, or up on our roof and get swept away in books. My dad, mother and sister also loved to read, my mother loved, what we called “penny dreadfuls” which funny enough are the same romance novels I now enjoy. I outgrow little women at around eight and remember falling in love with Jane Eyre at around nine years old and reading War And Peace at ten.

  68. It all started for me in country school. I was so excited when the book mobile came and we got to pick out books! I would re-read the books until the next time it came. My love for books continues and I share that with my children and grandchildren. What a beautiful legacy to share the love of reading books!

  69. As a kid I had a comprehensive reading disorder and struggled the books that made me keep struggling were the Peter Rabbit they had words I could sound out and read with ease. As an adult reading is a break from real life and its stress. I love to read its the one thing I have struggled with and won against to the point where I out read my friends.

  70. Your post brought to mind the bookmobile we always went to in the summer. During those days, my mother didn’t drive so it was a blessing. I don’t remember aI time I didn’t love to read. Again, I remember running around the house with my little book about Jane and Spot reading aloud to anyone close enough to hear me. LOL!

    When I started in high school, my reading days were fewer because I wanted to excel in all my classes. Then there were piano lessons, sports, singing groups, etc. I loved the feel of a book and hated to give them back, so I remember joining a book a month club. Gosh! Where did all those books go?

    Once I hit 23, I was taking care of two little ones — my step children and traveling trying to find a place where hubby could work and where we can bring up the little ones. No books then either. Only have I really been able to read again was in 2004. I was able to get books electronically from the library while living in a developing country up until 2011.

    From 2012 on I’ve been reading as much as I can get my hands on. I’ll poke at different genre, but gravitate back to historical romance over and over. I love my Kindle for the same reason you do, Suzan. It is so convenient. I’ve also started listening to audiobooks this last year. So between audiobooks, Kindle and my beloved print books (yes I now own some of those at last), I’m content.

    There is that little itch at the back of my mind, not very loud, but increasing in volume. Maybe I’d like to write something, too! That’s a whole new skill set I’d love to learn–if I weren’t so busy reading!

  71. When I was a child my father drove me and my brother and two sisters to the local library once a month. We were each allowed to pick out as many books as we wanted. I always chose the maximum allowed per person and finished them all before time to return them.

    As a senior citizen, I now read as often as I can and can’t seem to ever get enough. Authors like you are a godsend to the rest of us! Thanks for your good work!

  72. I love to read, and have since I was small. My mom is an avid reader and encouraged my love of books. Now, my son, who is 11, is a great reader. Sometime, I pick up the same book he’s reading and then we talk about the book, what we think will happen next, etc.

  73. I grew up in a house full of books with parents who read. How could I not love reading – and books? The weekly family trips to the library were always so much fun. Nothing better than filling a basket full of books to take home. I always felt the awe, majesty and magic of the library. Still do.

  74. I love to read. Mostly I read historical romance. I live on a budget so I download free books, enter contest, and shop at used stores. Unfortunately, in the small town I live in the library has a very small romance section. I read as a way to escape. My stress relief. I did not read much as a child, except at school. I didn’t think about it until recently, but I now realize there were few books at our house. My parents were not readers. My sister and I love to read (my other sister and brother do not) and share books sometimes. Although she likes contemporary romance.

  75. Love of reading was instilled in me at an early age. My parents are both readers and apparently I couldn’t wait to join in! I learned to read early and our little branch library was one of my favorite places to go when I was a kid. My brother and I usually got “reading time” before bed, 10-15 minutes to live in another world before going to sleep. This is still my preferred way to wind down at the end of the day and my favorite form of escapism. Is this love of reading responsible for 20+ years of working in libraries? Perhaps. Even though I can’t just sit around and read all day, just being near the stacks of all sorts of books makes me happy. Thank you for this opportunity, Suzan!

  76. I learned to read before starting school. We moved a lot, nine elementary schools by the fifth grade, and I was very shy so reading helped me cope with being in new places with people I didn’t know. I loved to read anything I could get my hands on and trips to the library were heavenly! Reading has been an escape for me when things were bad and a reminder that things can be better. It lets me visit places and learn about history, cultures, and people in ways I may never be able to in the physical world. I am now very happily married to an avid reader and can say that my two older children AND our son all love to read, too. None of us can be trusted in a bookstore, especially during a sale. We max out the library cards and check out thrift stores and yard sales to keep the TBR piles full. We have long since run out of shelves and had to resort to putting older, already read books in boxes because we know we will go back and re-read them again and again. Thank you for writing such amazing stories and making them available at reasonable prices on the Kindle. I love being able to sit down with it and not worry about reading glasses, the weather, or what I’m in the mood to read – the Kindle handles it all quite well.

  77. I started loving to read when I started working and my favorite genre was Historical Romances. Since then I’ve come to love most genre but my favorite is Paranormal Romance. I loved reading about all the different countries and their customs and my imagination would run wild! Never had much money so this was one way of visiting different countries and reading about such handsome hero’s and beautiful & spunky heroines. 🙂 Sometimes it was an escape at trying times in my live. Used to hit the library every weekend, joined book clubs and bought hard cover books (which I finally gave to our Friends of the Library that sells books to help the Library with expenses). I still love to read and do it every chance I get, it’s the next best thing to my first love, my great grandchildren!!!!

  78. Growing up mom always told my brother and I that books were our friends. At one point in my tiny bedroom I had1500 paperback friends and 200 hardcover friends. I never went anywhere without one of my friends. I could escape a stressful situation through a book. I took many vacations from reality through books like Gone With the Wind or anything else I could get my hands on. I was always shy so it was much easier to have a relationship with a book–it couldn’t judge me. As I grew up and ventured out into the real world reading was how I would relax after a hard day. You knew I was sick if I didn’t read. One year close to Christmas I burnt 80 percent of my right cornea. I was told not to strain my other eye which meant I couldn’t read. I was miserable. That was long before books on cassette or cd. Now I listen to a cd while I sew or on a long trip. Reading kept me occupied during my husband’s various surgeries and medical procedures. It calmed me down and grounded me after he passed away. It is now my only form of entertainment.

  79. I was one of those lonely children who found fun, adventure, and friendships vicariously through the pages of books. Even today, I love that books can transport me to places, times, and events that I would never have an opportunity to partake of otherwise. Books also offer insight into understanding myself and others so that I don’t have to remain lonely.

  80. Thanks, Suzanne. Why do I read? Good question. I wish I had a good answer.

    But to tell you the truth, I don’t know. I can say it’s not for the reasons everyone else gives.

    The most common one is something like “I read to escape”. Well, I don’t. Reality by definition cannot be escaped.

    The best book in the world won’t change what’s wrong in my life. Anyhow, most settings and situations in fiction are the kinds I’d want to escape from, not to.

    Nor do I read for another common reason, to learn more. At least, I don’t read fiction for that.

    For that I go to nonfiction. I get more and better information, faster. And with less distortion and bias. Ideally, anyhow. But here we’re not talking about reading for pleasure. We’re talking about studying.

    Do I read to make sense of life? To find meaning in art where there is none in reality? That’s probably part of why I write.

    But applying it to reading doesn’t work. A creative work is someone else’s attempt to find meaning. It might have some relevance to my quest for meaning. But it’s no substitute for my own efforts.

    Anyhow, the fact that I don’t know why I read doesn’t stop me from reading. Or enjoying it.

  81. Competition was stiff in my know-it-all family and I still remember my impatience about learning to read. I wanted so badly to pull out that encyclopedia and, for once, prove my rightness to my big brother. I soon forgot the competition and fell in love with the books, most especially The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I also loved Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, mysteries and biographies. My poor brother got his payback for spurring me into reading. My mother sent him more than once to find me at the library, a convenient resting stop halfway between my school and home, and when, as (per my brother) the only bidder, I won a huge pile of books at a school fundraising auction, the teachers asked him to help me carry them. Even now I love books and read whenever I find the time.

  82. I have always loved reading even as a child. Since our small town did not have a library, my mother would take me to the county library which was in a nearby town. I was so thrilled to come home with a big bundle of books every week. My joy of reading has increased over the years. Even though I enjoy reading all types of books, my favorite genres are paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and historical romance. My personal library keeps growing with both print and ebooks. Reading will always be an important part of my life.

  83. Reading is my escape. It helps my anxiety a lot and now I don’t have full on attacks. I read a lot as a little kid, but stopped at some point and didn’t start again until a couple of years ago and now I read most nights and many books.

  84. I have always loved to read! I started reading Laura Ingalls Wilders books as a child. I have both paperbacks and a Nook!

  85. I grew up in a house with no real books and only Peanut comic books. Starting in college I started reading romance novels avidly. Now I Listen to over 100 audiobooks per year from a range of genres, from historical thrillers to time travel romance.

  86. I think I started reading to escape my parents constant bickering. If you get really into a book everything else just goes away. Also I lived in the country and another kid my age was a half a mile if not further away.

  87. I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents are huge readers. As a military brat, getting a new library card as soon as possible was always a comfort for me. Even when I had to move from Washington state to Wisconsin the first item on my to do list was to get my library card.
    Reading has also been a good way to keep in touch with my family who live far away. What can I say I love books!

  88. My mother started reading to me in utero, and I’ve not gone without books since. My life just doesn’t feel right without reading time. It makes my friends & family laugh that I often plan trips around libraries & bookstores (new & used), but I usually enjoy them more than typical tourist attractions!

  89. Everyone in my family of 7 was a reader, so as the youngest, I had all of their examples to folliw. I couldn’t wait to unlock the magic of words so I wouldn’t have to wait until someone was available to read me either a story or the newspaper comics.

    As I grew, I started reading Harlequins which allowed me to learn about other countries because of some of the exotic locations used in the books. This fostered a love of travel even if it’s the armchair variety.

    Now, I realize reading taught me how to write: how sentences should flow, and how to be descriptive but not flowery. Reading has broadened my vocabulary even though at times I do not know how pronounce a word. But most importantly, reading has always stimulated my imagination while offering wisdom and/or escape from the real world, and allowing me to relax and recharge.

  90. The first book I remember owning was given to me one Christmas by friends of my parents; it was Heidi and I loved that book especially after I learned to read. In first grade, I was so thrilled to be promoted to first reading group and then in elementary school I read nearly every book in the small school library and all of the biographies. I used to take the bus into town and go to the city library to take books out. In high school, I was always in their library taking out books. College prevented as much reading for leisure but once I married, I started devouring romance novels and haven’t stopped since. I used to tell people that I like to read so much that I read the cereal boxes each morning.

  91. Great post!

    I was never into reading when I was younger. I tried, I just couldn’t get into it. Before I was 29 I might have read 8 books all the way through that weren’t children’s books.

    I had some terrible things happen to me when I was younger. I pretended they didn’t happen for a long time, until recently when the “dam” broke. I was having serious issues coping, but I found if I lost myself in a good book I didn’t have the ability to think about the past in my quiet time. Now I’m handling things better, thanks to therapy, but I can’t stop my reading. It has become my passion! My little boys tell everyone how many books I have every time we go to the library.

    I want them to read now so they don’t miss out on years of reading like I did! The library is one of our favorite places to go as a family.

    Thanks for the chance, and all the hard work you put into the books we love so much!

  92. I travel for work most weeks and spend lots of time in airports, on planes and in hotels. I enjoyed reading before eBooks, but now I really enjoy it since for the weight of one tablet, I can carry and have access to thousands of books. Kindle Unlimited lets me get books that I might not otherwise try out and I have found that I am now reading a much larger spectrum of books. Keep on writing. Thanks for helping keep my mind occupied.

  93. We didn’t have much money growing up. My Mother would take us to the News stand and let us choose one comic book and that was what I remember. That started my love of reading. It was always so hard to choose. Later on when I started school and I saw the library I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

    Fast forward to the year 2000+ and Kindle entered the picture. That changed my whole world. Every week I would go to the Library and it was like I would meet friends amongst the shelves. Friends I had not met and friends I would want to know. Friends I was familiar with and saying hello to again.

    I was scared to leave my familiar friends and meet my Kindle friends. Would they be the same?

    My aging eyes was shocked that Kindle was my best friend! And my world was expanded.

    I do miss dowsing amongst the isles of books like I use to by hand. But now the eBooks are are so much more convenient by subject or content. So really, I’m not missing anything.

    Kindle has truly changed my world for the better. An Unlimited Subscription account would be my Dream Come True since I read so much.

  94. I love, love, love to read, too, Suzan. My mother read to us kids (5) every night before bed. When we were little, she reread many books that we “read” back to her. (I’m sure it was from memory as I was only 2 or 3 at the time.) Anyway, she praised us and encouraged us to read as a way to increase our vocabulary and impress the adults in our lives (aunts, grandmas, teachers, etc.) I remember hiding behind the couch with a good book many, many times to live in a fantasy world of mystery and adventure. Later, it was historical romances and I haven’t slowed down yet. Many thanks for reaching us with your literary works that capture our imaginations and allow us to “escape” to new worlds.

  95. My mom was a single mom and spent a lot of time working to support us. The library was my comfort spot. I could spend hours in the window seat on the 3rd floor reading any day of the week. The librarians were so kind. I can remember reading every book they had and the ones they could borrow about mythology. When we had to move to my grandparents farm that was the place I missed the most. I could go longer walk to the library. I was lucky if I got to visit the county library once a week.

  96. I have always loved reading since I was a young child. I mainly read history books since they were my favorite. For the last 40 years I have read Historical and Contemporary romances. Thanks for the generous giveaways!

  97. My mom who passed away from triple negative breast cancer 3 years ago at age 55 was a librarian for almost 17 years before she got diagnosed.. she always made me read until I was obsessed.. we took turns reading new release books and comparing thoughts on what we think.. it’s hard to read these days because she was my reading buddy but I do still enjoy getting lost in a good book.

  98. My mother started taking me to our local library when i was just a toddler and i because of that I’ve been frequenting libraries my whole life and now work at two 🙂 I love to read all sorts of romance books: romantic suspense, cozy mysteries, chick lit, paranormal and historical romance.

  99. It seems I cannot remember a time I was not reading. I loved the library. The smell of the books and the sound of people opening and closing the card catalog drawers and hearing the librarians stamp the date due of the books being checked out. I will never forget those sounds. Every three weeks my sister and I would ride the bus downtown then walk up the long hill to the library. The bus did not go up that far. We all read, it was our summer companion. I loved the adventures it took me on and sometimes as a bullied girl in school those books were the best friends I ever had. My favorite place to read was sitting up in the crook of our tree that made an awesome chair and read away. We also loved the bookmobile and couldn’t wait for it to be parked up the street so we could all clamber in and check out new adventures. Such wonderful memories and I never understood people who did not feel the same as me around books.

  100. I have always loved reading – as a child, my punishment would be that my parents would take away my library card!! I soon realized though, that the library would still check books out to me if I could produce an ID (school ones worked) or US Mail with my name on it, so that punishment strategy didn’t work for more than one summer. Now, reading is crammed in, between all of the other things in my life, and I hope that my daughter will love reading as much as I did (and still do)!!

  101. So many reasons I love to read… First of all, it’s the easiest and least expensive way to learn! I can learn about people, places, times in history, objects, instruments, religions, how to do or use something, what others believe, and why, and so much more!

  102. I learned to read as a child not because my parents read to me but because they were always reading. I loved The Boxcar Children as a child and read that book I don’t know how many times. Now, I go to the library every couple of days to pick up new books. I love reading on my Kindle, and my mother on hers (which was mine, but she “stole” it). I’ve been considering KU but haven’t yet taken the plunge.

  103. Wondrful post and thank you for describing how KU works. I love paper backs and hard cover books. I’m a little late with the e-book reading. I just downloaded the kindle app. As a child I wasn’t in to reading that much. I honestly didn’t become an avid/addicted reader till my 40’s. Raising 7 kids left me no time . When the last child left home I picked up a Nora Roberts book and never looked back. 🙂 Thank you so much for the giveaway chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  104. I started learning to read when I was 3 so I’ve been a reader for quite a while. As a child, if I were reading a book and the younger kids acted up, I was off the hook; a grownup would deal with them instead of me. So, reading meant less responsibilities.

  105. I have had my head buried in a book since I first learnt to read, my weekly trip to the library with my mum and grandma were the highlights of my week. They never said “you can’t read that” but encouraged me to explore all areas. Always in trouble as a child I never minded being sent to my room, because I always had a book squirted away, and could curl up and loose myself in another world. It took a while for mum to cotton on, and my books were banned instead. Surprisingly I got into less scrapes after that.
    My love of books continued, and as I grew onto a teenager developed my love of history, from classics through to non fiction and all bits in between. Had a wonderful English teacher for my Oand A level exams who encouraged me further, even going to the local library with my mother to ensure that I would be given the books on his reading list, which she considered unsuitable. Boy how Times have changed, thankfully for the better.
    As I had children I encouraged them to read and in turn my grandchildren. We all love nothing better than to curl up on the setter with a good bok and “loose” ourselves for a time in another world.
    I have never lost my love of history, especially that set in the middle ages and places I can relate to. So please keep your books coming. I hope that I will always be able to indulge in my hopefully only bad habit and read until I can’t…..Still there are always the audio book’s……..

  106. I can honestly say that I don’t remember life without a book nearby. I grew up in reading family. There were always books and magazines around the house. Today, when the extended family gets together… there’s always someone with a book, a book recommendation and a parent saying something along the lines of ‘we’re eating now so put your book down and come to the table.

  107. I love reading and have done since I was small, I have the kindle app on all my electronics and I never go anywhere without it. I love the escapism and the honor in men, strong women and fabulous landscapes that I can immerse into when reading, my daughter has my love for books and this would be a great gift for her

  108. I have loved reading all my life…over 70 years…books from school and then the library…and I have evolved to kindle books… and moved to kindle unlimited because I am practically a speed reader so I can read a lot more books at a better price…some I buy…and yet use the kindle unlimited feature a lot..

  109. I have always loved to read even as a small child I used to read under the bed clothes with a touch
    When I was supposed to be asleep lol.
    I have given thousands of books away to the local Hospice but still have hundreds left that I can’t bear
    To give away.
    Unfortunately now I am in my 70’s My eyesight is not so good,so some time ago I started getting my books on my tablet which is great as I can make the print bigger and easier to read.
    Have wanted to try Kindle Unlimited so would be thrilled to win a subscription
    Here’s hoping.

  110. I’ve been reading for longer than I can remember – as I was growing up, it was a way to escape the mundane world and enter a completely new one! My mother is an avid reader also, so I’m never without books at home and my friends are all booklovers as well, so I’m never without a great new recommendation! I like that about books – how there are so many to read and I can challenge myself to read all of them.
    Nowadays, reading is something that disassociates my real time to my online time. Even though I read eBooks on my phone, majority of my online time is spent doing nothing on social media and I think of my books as a lifesaver, pulling me back from technology so that I’m not completely immersed online.
    As a reader, it is difficult to pinpoint favourites of books as at one point or another every book has been my favourite and some remain as part of my favourites (albeit, still as an ever-growing list!) so I’m unable to summarise for you. However, I do tend to steer more towards genres of romance (historical, modern day, teen etc.), thrillers and often enjoy something paranormal or sci-fi, where Amazing things happen that only imagination can create!
    I’m hoping to expand my eBook range (hopefully with the Kindle!) as I know a lot of authors (particularly self-published ones) are solely digital at first and I like supporting them because one day, I might be one of them!
    I think, the ability to read is life and life is meaningless time without books!

  111. Reading to me opens up a whole new world of possibilities. An escape from reality where I can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything. As a kid this was important to me as I didn’t have the greatest childhood and books were my best friends. Now as an adult, I find books to be an essential part of my life. I’ve gone from Nancy Drew to Piers Anthony to the romance novels I know and love. Thank goodness for you authors who lift spirits and bring hope to everyone with each word you write.

  112. Growing up in a house full of boys it was always fun to spend the night at Grandma Peg’s and do “girl stuff”. We baked, shopped, planted flowers, watched Johnny Carson, and visited every library in Omaha. She signed me up for my first library card. Each sleepover at Grandma’s culminated with reading time at night. We would climb into her bed, each with our own book, right after watching Carson, and read until we fell asleep. We read the newspaper over breakfast the next morning, I usually began with the comics, and worked the crossword together. She believed reading kept her mind active and sharp. She was a lover of Agatha and Nora, and always had a book on her night stand until the day she died at age 94. She is the reason for my love of reading and the source of so many lovely childhood memories.

  113. Reading meant everything to me as a kid. I could tune out the entire world (and sometimes got in trouble in school when I really did)! I love historical romance (and romance in general) because it is an escape from my real world problems, some of which seem insurmountable so living someone else’s life (part time) helps me deal with the realities of my own the rest of the time. When I see someone on a plane or in a doctor’s office just sitting there — I can’t even imagine what that feels like — I always have a magazine, a book or my Kindle if I think I’m going to have a few minutes to spare. Thankfully, my son is a big reader too, as is my husband.

  114. My whole family consists of readers from my grandfather all the way down to his youngest grandchild. I was taught the appreciation of books from the time I was a little girl when my mother would read to me every night. When I grew older I began to understand what a gift the ability to read was. For me it’s the greatest format of escapism, the ability to go into a different world each time you open a book is quite addictive. It is a great mystery to me what non-readers do with their time because every spare second I get I’m reading. I don’t really have an all-time favourite book but right now I would say it’s The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.

  115. Growing up, I would hide all the time so I could read undisturbed, hiding away from chores, homework, playmates, and meals to feed my incessant need to read. My parents encouraged me for the most part, until they would catch me staying up at night to read with a flashlight!

  116. I started to read when i was verry young 4 or 5 than i started reading books by Enid Blyton and books by Dick Laan ! When i was 8 i started reading books by Agatha Christy and Stephen King ! I was always at the library searching for books ! From an early age reading makes me relaxed and takes me to an other world from the daily troubles and strugles ! Reading new books and fonding new authors is also one of the things that makes me happy 😄

  117. I would have been traumatized had my mom thought to punish me by taking away my library card! YIKES! Glad you figured out that you didn’t need it 😀

  118. I started reading very young. I would sit in my closet and read my Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. Now I had my closet decked out like a fort, mind you, not just creepy sitting in a dark closet. My daughters love reading. One loves paranormals and the other loves YA/NA. My nephew has just started to really get into reading and I love finding books for him to read from reviews.

  119. We are planning a trip to Scotland for 2017. My husband said, “What do we need? A week? Ten days?” I told him it would take me a week just to get through the Edinburgh library! lol Yes, I’m planning on visiting every library I can while we’re in the UK. ;o)

  120. Danniell, I’m sending you great big hugs. I remember when my mom got called to the school by the principal. Apparently, my then 6 year old brother had brought a horse racing form for Show & Tell and started to show the kids how to figure out the odds. He couldn’t write his name yet, but he could do fractions in his head.

    Love you to pieces.

  121. My cousin Debbie and I would have sleep overs all the time growing up. I can remember eating peanut butter sandwiches at 2:00 a.m. and taking turns reading Erma Bombeck books to each other!

  122. I discovered my love for reading as a child when I read Mark Twain’s, “Tom Sawyer” The book captured my attention from the first line, “Tom! You, Tom!” I quickly realized how a book can pull you in removing you from your current place. It didn’t matter how bad my day got or how much trouble I was in, there was a place for me to go. I lost this love somewhere in my teen years when boys and hanging out became more important. Then marriage and children come along and time spent for yourself becomes your last priority. When the Twilight books were published, I bought them. My long lost love was restored. Then I quickly discovered the medieval historical romance novels and have been thumbing through one or two books a week ever since. Since I purchased my first Nook I’ve accumulated nearly 300 books in my library. Alone, quiet with a cup of coffee and a good read. Here, with my ereader in hand, life is good.

  123. I have also loved reading since I was a child and it is actually my greatest hope to instill this love into my children. I found Beauty by Robin McKinley when I was in 3rd grade at the school library and loved and forgot about it. Found it again at the school library in the 6th grade and read it and forgot about it. When I once again just happened to find it in the 9th grade I figured it was meant to be and became a fan of her unique style of writing.

  124. I have been an avid reader since I learned to read. I loved Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, the Berenstein Bears and Grimm’s fairy tales when I was a little girl. I began reading romance at age 12 and was hooked. I have been a loyal romance reader since then. Thank you for the great giveaway. It is very generous of you.

  125. I have always been a voracious reader. As a kid, the library was my favorite place-in fact it’s still my favorite place. I feel such peace and contentment when I enter a library. I read everything I could get my hands on, from Harry Potter to the classics and later romance novels. Books and reading have helped me through really difficult times in my life, the good as well as the bad. I don’t k ow what I would be without them.

  126. My mother instilled to me my love for reading! I have fond memories of us sitting on the sofa, her arm around my shoulder as I turned the pages as she read. She let me pick out my first book when I was in second grade at a school book fair. “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell. I still have that book. It is over 50 years old now, rough and worn and brings a smile to my face flooded with memories as I think of her reading it to me.

  127. Wonderful article and a fantastic giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity! The reasons why I love reading. I think the reason always has been to experiance other things. Other places, other adventures, and to see things through other eyes. Though I remember the Dr. Seuss books figuring greatly into my childhood, as a young reader, I wanted to be scared! LOL I read quite a bit of Stephen King at a young age and then I found Science Fiction. That opened up so many different ideas and worlds. It was wonderful. Now, reading is my escape. Simple as that. Everyday life and the news are sad things that I’d like to forget now and then. My favorite book as a kid was Christine by Stephen King. Then as a teen it was The Martian Chronicles. Now I think my favorite set of books that I go back and read from time to time are the set of 3 books by Pamela Aiden called Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentlemen. I read these more than anything else. But I am happy to read any JAFF. The characters from Jane Austen’s books have been in my life since my teenage years, but I didn’t truly grasp the point of the books untilI was older.

  128. I love to read because I can enter other lands (real or imaginary), other countries, other existences from the comfort of my armchair. It is a great way to learn.

  129. I was never a reader when I was young. It hit me as a teenager and it has exploded since then! I am trying to instil that love of reading into my children, too.

  130. I’ve always enjoyed reading. I use it as an escape…..I can get involved in the life dramas of the characters and put my life aside temporarily. I get joy out of my time spent readying. I have a 17 year old and I encourage her to read as well.

  131. When I was a kid i actually never really liked reading, it wasn’t even something i even considered doing for fun because i was such an active kid and never stayed put for a moment. In middle school an english teacher read us Harry Potter in class during our required “reading time”. He read it in a British accent and made reading look like so much fun! It was like a spark ignited. I immediately went to the library and finishing the series myself. After that i just could NOT stop reading. We ended up moving around a lot and it was hard making friends, reading was a new way for me to escape from it and delve into new exciting worlds. I can’t express how much joy i get from reading, it is still an escape for me and helps me relaxes. I just plug in my headphones and pick up a book and delve in! : ) Thank you for this amazing giveaway and chance to win!

  132. I can’t remember a time in my life when I did not have a book in my hand. Growing up I would have a book in one hand and brush my teeth with the other. For me, reading was a way to escape a childhood that was tumultuous and difficult. With books, I could go to different worlds, towns, into people’s lives that were nothing like mine. I have continued my voracious reading all the way into middle age. I have passed my love of fading on to my children and love when my 13 year old says his favorite place to go is a bookstore.

  133. My comment isn’t showing up so I will try again:
    I remember reading Judy Blume when I was young, and I got hooked on reading then! As an adult I read everyday, my current genre of choice is sci-fi, especially alien invasion. I suffer from depression and panic attacks and reading is very therapeutic since it takes me out of my own world and puts me in a world an author created. I’ve recently discovered some AMAZING new to me authors and I’d like to share them with you! Sean Platt & David Wright (Yesterday’s Gone ), S.G. Redling (Damocles), and Hugh Howey, who you already know. How amazing was the Wool trilogy!

  134. I was born three months premature. As a result I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when i was a year and a half old. I was never able to walk on my own. I had to use crutches, a walker or hold on to someone’s hands to walk. So, I spent a lot of time sitting on the front porch or in the house (when I had surgeries on my legs) watching the neighborhood kids ride their bikes, or play baseball, etc. As I was unable to dos these things my mom used to get me books at yard sales and the goodwill. Through these books I was able to do everything that the neighborhood kids did and oh so much more. I read all of the Nancy Drew books & The Little House on the Prairie series of books. But the book that I remember reading that really got me hooked on books was Where Are The Children by Mary Higgins Clark. I don’t know what it is about that book but I loved it & still do.

  135. I learned to repeat the alphabet and how each letter sounded in kindergarten. Then in first grade we were taught to put the letters together and sound out the words. It took about two days and everything clicked for me and I was off and running. I read everything I could get my hands on. My mom took me to the local library everyday to get new books. Kids were limited to three at a time back then. My mom asked the librarian to raise my limit so we didn’t have to go every day. She raised the limit which cut us down to three trips a week. My mom also enrolled me in a book club. I remember receiving a new book every week that I could read and keep forever. I still have that collection over 50 years later and have shared them with children and grandchildren.
    I still average 3 books a week, mostly mysteries. And now I have EBAY to supply me.

  136. I read all the time. I started reading young to escape a bad home life. Reading and books are my friends even today.

  137. I love to read every day. I started reading at a very young age and seem to be reading more and more as I get older. Books are my comfort, my dreams, my escape. I’ve noticed that my taste in books have changed over many years, and at age 63 I read anything I can get my hands on. 🙂 Thanks for this very nice giveaway and for the chance to win one of the awesome prizes!

  138. I love reading. I read about a book a day, literally. I read anything except stuff with killing gruesome things. As a child I had a huge book of poems I loved and a full childrens encyclopedia of stories like Britannica. My favorite is Highlands, Ireland, Scotland, etc. Love stories that aren’t mushy, but people like normal people that have to work at it and end up with what they thought was the impossible. I just love Kallypso Masters “Master at arms” series, it is BDSM but more love stories, fighting for whats right, the hardships, PTDS, etc and just living your life. I have very few paperback or hardbacks, but am collecting as I

  139. I don’t remember not being able to read. My dad read to me every night until I was a teenager and we explored so many books and series. I continue to read for my own enjoyment to unwind and unplug from busy world.

  140. I read romance books with HEA to escape, especially after a stressful day. (i started reading Barbara Cartland in highschool) I have a child with a disability and cancer; and i get comfort reading about knights-in-shining-armour / princesses and princes / royalty with their happily-ever-after, when there is none in my real life. (There is no cure for cancer & there is no certainty with regards to funding of care for people with disability)

  141. I read books for stress relief and to escape into other people’s lives. Books are more immersive than movies, which I love also. Books are so wonderful. They can be inspiring, fascinating, and always entertaining. I love reading so much!

  142. I started reading as a young child. Being painfully shy, wearing very thick glasses & having an unusual last name (starts with a Q) combined for me being a wallflower. So, I read to escape that. Early on I read Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie,etc. In my teens I graduated to Harlequin romances, Barbara Courtland & others. Today my reading tastes are all over the board – predominantly romances – but paranormal, historical, contemporary, etc. I’m not one for mystery, scary or ‘true crime’.

  143. I remember reading Flika, Rika, and Dika over and over as a child. My mother took us to the library weekly, until my oldest sister was old enough to walk us there. I also remember getting special permission to check out adult books (with supervision) at 10, because I had read my way through the age appropriate children’s books! My first adult book was The Bronze Bow, and for about a year my Mom read every book I withdrew, too. I still read 3-4 books a week when possible, and listen to audiobooks in the car, predominantly romances and paranormal genres.

  144. My mother was a huge reader..I have no memory of her without a book in her hands or very near her.She read to me all the time,even out of those VERY old dessert magazines,thus,I began reading very early..I rode horses from the time I could walk and as soon as I could saddle my own there was a book or books in my saddle pack.To this day I read my historical romance like a fish gulping water through it’s gills..I cannot fathom not being able to read,as now my mother cannot,so we have changed places and I read to her!!

  145. I didn’t like to read until 6th grade when my teacher told me I wasn’t at a level to read the Lord of the Rings books quite yet. As an average 12 year old I set out to prove her wrong. It was then that I fell in love and also showed her once I found my type of novels I read very well. So we’ll in fact I read at a 12th grade level! Ever since then I can’t put books down! No matter how upset I got, how crazy life got or what I had stressing me out I could turn to my books and be taken from this world. I could leave all my troubles behind and live in another “universe” for hours at a time! As an adult now working two jobs to cut it and trying to run a house hold I find myself looking for my books to relax me and take away the stress of bills and everything else, even if only for a short time! Between my Aunt Victoria Zaks’ books about Highlanders all the way to Christian author Wayne Thomas Batson I have never lost my love for fantasy novels!

  146. When I was 8 months old, I contracted polio; before the vaccine was invented, so that makes me one of the pre-vaccine dinosaurs. I was put in a “home” for crippled children for 5 1/2 years and it was hell; abuse that would never be allowed in today’s world. Reading became my escape and it still is today. Reading allows me a pain-free life; free of physical barriers and complete accessibility to every possible place in this world that I could imagine. I never had real friends in school as no one wanted to be seen with the “cripple” and thought of as desperate enough to ‘even talk to the cripple’. Yes, that was really said and heard. My grandmother was an avid reader and had loads of books she told me to borrow; she said I could go anywhere in a book and be free of all limitations. My life has been about books; shape shifting stories allowed me to imagine being in another body, animal or human, and being able to soar with the birds, run with the wolves, climb trees with the monkeys. I can become the “Lady wife” of a medieval knight, the object of a deep love with a wonderful hero, etc. Reading is life itself and I’ll never stop until the end of my time. So I tell people to read and find a favorite author or two, etc., and read as though your life depended on it.

  147. My mother saw to it that my two siblings and I were introduced to our local public library at grammar school age, where we visited every single Saturday while growing up. We even entered reading contests (for ribbons only and occasionally a book). My love for reading grew and, as we lived on a farm way out “in the sticks” (one hour drive via school bus to and from school) and there was no TV back then, reading was my gift to myself when chores and homework were done. It meant the world to me–and I literally lived for those moments when I could travel the world in stories. And today reading is still my entertainment and relaxation, TV taking a back seat to the worlds available in books. Thanks for asking.

  148. My grandmother Fraser gave me my first book when I was 6 years old it was Heidi and I did not put it down until I had finished reading the whole book. My grandmother said she never saw a child my age read so much, but she made sure I always had a book to read. To this day everyone who knows me knows I am always reading something and that I always have a book on me. I love historical setting in books and dearly love those set in Scotland. To me reading is like taking a trip and never having to leave home. I tell everyone I have an addiction to reading, and I love it.

  149. Books became my closest friends as a child when my family moved to a new place. I was first drawn to fantasy and then to romance books. I love to read fiction for the imaginative and emotional experience. I try to read more nonfiction books but fiction still dominates.

  150. I have loved the stories and knowledge hidden inside books since I was first read to, then taught how to read aged two. My older brother had started school aged four and I wanted to learn as well.
    Over the years I have given books to children and adults, sharing great books and giving book tokens as well.
    I support World Book Night every year, giving away books provided free by publishers and adding books bought by me. I believe that if someone only has time to read a little, they should be reading a really good book.
    Thanks for this contest which may help some people to develop or indulge in their love of books and share the word about fantastic authors.

  151. I’ve been a lover of books and avid reader since I was a child. I enjoy learning about history through an accurate, yet dramatized account of them facts. I enjoy the creativity and genius that is a part of a writers ability to world build. There are so many reasons I could list as to why I read. In the end the most important fact is that books fulfill my soul and bring me great joy.

  152. I learned to read very early in life, before I started school I wrote in script and read simple books. I loved books because it was an escape from life. I was always shuffled to different relatives until I was 4, my mom was ill and was in and out of hospitals during my young years. Books have been my pal forever! I love that I can go anywhere in a book! I was drawn to books about Scotland at an early age and also books about ancient Egypt. I have read every day of my life!
    Thank you for the chance to win this contest! Thank you for writing!

  153. Growing up I struggled with a learning disability that made learning to read nearly impossible. I struggles all through kindergarten and first grade. By the end of first grade I was finally able to read a little bit. The learning process left me with a hatred of reading. I didnt read a book for fun until I was nine and on a family vacation where we spENT 10 hours a day in the car and inspired by extreme boredom. It was a life changing experience. My eyes were finally opened to the joy of reading. I spent the next few years making up for lost time. I devoured every book I could get my hands on. Now reading is a way to unwind and learn my trade as a writer. My oldest “borrowed” my kindle with no intent on returning it. Lol.

  154. For me, reading is about so much more than simply pleasure, although it is that as well. For my peace of mine, my sanity, it is almost as necessary to mywell being as breathing is. I grew up very poor in a very small town. But I never realized just how bad off we really were because I always had books. Books allowed me to see places I never would have otherwise. Books allowed me to learn about people, places, cultures, history and so much more I would never gave had access to. I thank books for helping me grow into a woman with an open mind and a still insatiable thirst for knowledge. And I thank my parents for not only allowing my obsession with books but encouraging it. My wish for the future is that somewhere there’s another child nurturing this sane love to read. It doesn’t matter if you love the classics like A Tale Of Two Cities or Wuthering Heights (I love both) or you love newer books like Twilight or Harry Potter (again I love both) just simply bask in your enjoyment of reading. I read in all genres, although paranormal and medieval are my favorites. I’m always looking for new authors to enjoy!!

  155. My favorite, earliest thing I remember is visiting the Bookmobile once a week. My Mom began having us pick out books she would read to me, then I started reading and it was on! I have moved to the Kindle because I had too many books taking up precious little space! I carry my Kindle with me everywhere so I can read in down time and charge it every night!

  156. For me, reading a book is a great way to escape. I love to read. I go absolutely nowhere without my Kindle. My kindle is kinda old & does not have a light source so I also carry a book light as well. I have been reading historical romance novels for about ten years now, its my favorite genre! Scotland is my favorite place to read about because every author describes it’s so beautifully! I love to read about big families, how they Individually find love and overcome obstacles to live happily ever after. I’m a big fan of happy endings in the books that I read. I grew up as a farm kid. I was always busy in the barn with the animals. But, at the end of the day, when all the chores and homework was completed, you could find me reading a book!

  157. Wow, I’m not sure I can explain why I love to read. My best friend in high school started me on the old bodice rippers, and I stopped reading after I left high school. I have read off and on through the years but in the last 15 years, I have become almost obsessed with the written word. It is my escape! I won’t go into why I need such a thing, but it keeps me sane. I find happiness and love between the pages of a book. I have so many book boyfriends I can’t keep track of them. LOL. I have turned my love of reading into a job….how many people can say that. 🙂 I always have a book or my Kindle (I have a 2nd generation with the keyboard that is still working) with me. Reading is something I will never stop doing, it’s a part of who I am.

  158. Reading takes my mind from the worrying that comes with raising 4 awesome kids. Gives my mind a break to travel and puzzles to solve other than the every day life worries. Audio books allows me to do housework with a happy heart while serving my family. Books are life. Love them.

  159. I got into romance novels when I boarded with a woman who had been shut-in while she took care of her dying husband. Her sanity saver was Harlequin novels that showed up every month. I read almost one a night. I can have the same reading habit with ebooks as I don’t need a room to house all my keepers.
    Wired magazine just had a story regarding the power of indi publishing. Please keep writing more books for me to devour.

  160. I started reading at a young age. My Mother taught me the love of reading, she also taught me how to respect books and take care of them. My love for reading stems my imagination and as a child I loved to spin tales. Now I recently started writing myself. I have a long way to go but at least I am giving it a shot. Reading to me is a way to experience life, love, the past and the future without ever leaving home. I read a wide variety of genres so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Jane Austin’s Little Women was a favorite in school along with Shakespeare. Lately my reading tastes would never come near those classics but I love the bright crisp minds of today’s authors just the same. Imagination is a resource that should never be wasted.

  161. I read sometimes growing up. Now as an adult I read as much as I can because it’s relaxing. When I read I don’t have any worries or cares. It’s like I’m in my own little world. I like reading paperback books but I really like reading on my kindle when I’m out & about.

  162. I love to read! I live & have lived most of my life oUT in the country on a farm, 20 minutes from town. I had no friends to run down the street to play with. ..I read. I read everything I could put my hands on. Started out on Sweet Pickles & Lil Critter moved on the Sweet Valley Twins then jumped right into Harlequin. From Harlequin is was onto paranormal. I still love to read a wide variety of books. HEA, YA, erotics, mystery, scifi…children’s books. I read it all. I even beca me a teacher to try to pass on my love of reading to future generations. I hope it works. Mom & Granma were voracious readers as well. Prolly spent $500 on books this summer.

  163. My father will tell you it’s genetic! My grandmother has always been an avid reader as far back as I can remember as well as my mom which is why he always said the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I was thrilled when my mom bought me Where the Wild Things Are in elementary school and thought I was all grown up when I read Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes in middle school and then had my first book boyfriend in high school when I read The Outsiders!! There were hundreds more I read in between those while I was growing up but those three have stuck with me and in my memory for – cough cough- many years, haha. I would never be able to give a count of how many I’ve read since my Ponyboy but I still to this day read 3 to 4 books a week. It’s how I wind down after a stressful day at work, or on a snow day or a lazy Saturday (as I like to call them), it’s usually how I even spend my lunch hours at work ….. relaxing and reading in the quite where I can travel to a different place or time or become so immersed with the characters that I find myself laughing out loud or crying tears of joy or sorrow or rooting for that happily ever after!

  164. I have loved books all of my life. I had a happy but tough childhood. I lost my younger sister at an early age and just disappered into books. I always seemed happy to everyone and I was. There were just times that I fought depression. Books were my happy place. I could travel and learn of new cultures and see everyone fight for their happy endings. I always dreamed I would find mine. It may never happen but at 45 I am learning that it will be alright. I will always have my books and I can create my own happy world.

  165. I have always lived to read! I started off with historical romances in jr high. For me it’s a way to escape into the make believe of so many different stories! My husband loves to read also he would tell me to read this book or that book! It’s something we can share together! Of corse his books were science fiction, his favorite is Anne mercafferty dragons of Pern. My favorite author used to be Julie garwood, I’ve got all of her books! But then I fell in love with Suzan writing and changed my favorite author! I’ve read hers over and over again! I can’t even pick a favorite book because I love them all! I got so excited when she answered me back on messaging on Facebook! I’d never ever thought I would hear from her! I love seeing how her addition to her house is coming along by the pictures she post. It almost feels like we’re friends. I’ve even started reading some of the authors she posts that she likes. So far I’ve like who she posted! She’s awesome!

  166. My Grandfather gave me a hardback copy of Black Beauty when I was five years old. I loved that book and learned to read primarily struggling through each word, sounding them out one at a time. The Misty of Chincoteague books came next.
    You see, my Grandfather was the greatest male influence in my life growing up. I didn’t have a father as a young girl, and he took a special interest in me. He always brought me books when he came to visit, and I felt special discussing the story lines with him. What treasure he was. We wrote letters to each other and he always challenged me with new and different words. The last book he gave me was The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Grandpa died soon after, when I was fifteen, but his legacy lived on.
    His affinity for reading found root and blossomed in me. I loved putting words together that could express both what I saw and felt. I briefly toyed with becoming a journalist, but wasn’t able to afford the college courses. Instead, I first pursued a degree in accounting my employer agreed to subsidize, later I earned a Bachelors in Nursing, to support my children and myself. I only had time to write an occasional short story, and I found carving out hours to read an even more difficult luxury.
    Now retired, I have returned to writing and have published my first book, and reading has returned as an old familiar friend who moved away, but with whom I never lost touch.
    A hot cup of tea, and a good book make for a very good day. As many people do, I lose myself in the pages of a book. Good friends and book club discussions fill the space Grandpa left all those years ago.

  167. I remember learning to read. The weekly reader at school was the highlight of my reading. I remember showing my dad a paper that I could order books from. He look at the paper and asked me. “Are you sure you are going to read them?” Yes, I said. The three books came in the mail. Blaze and the Indian cave, little House on the Hill, and Mr. ??’s Christmas Tree. I was in second grade at the time. I have been an avid reader ever since.

  168. I’ve always loved to read; since childhood & mainly due to the influence of the rest of my family who are just as avid readers – I’m the youngest. It’s my absolute fav pastime & hobby how & how I relax.

  169. My grandmother was a librarian. It became her quest to create within her grandchildren a love for reading as she had loved it. Elsie would offer to grant her grandchildren a request for their birthday, I almost always requested a bus trip to downtown San Diego to visit used book stores. We would spend the day exploring them. She would buy me a twice-loved book, and we would have a memorable lunch at Manning’s Cafeteria. “Little Women” and the poetry book “Silver Pennies” are tucked in my bookshelf to remind me of those treasured trips. I devour books. Thankful my Grammy Elsie started me out with a love of books.

  170. My parents were both readers and they always read aloud to me and my brother. We didn’t have a local library and my parents, my aunt and uncle and our neighbors decided that had to be corrected. So they convinced the local elementary school to give them a kindergarten room to use as a library. Then they rounded up a hodgepodge of chairs and tables and begged, borrowed and probably stole books from everyone they knew to stock the library. My aunt acted as the librarian and my mother worked there every free minute she had. We were raised in that space and it meant a great love of books and reading for so many local kids.

  171. I started reading when I was 2, and my mom was thrilled when they built a new branch of the Chicago Public Library 2 blocks from our house.I spent more time in that library than in our house as a child. Card catalogs were my journeys to the adventure of finding new books, and the librarians were the guides to all the wonders of the written word. I could not stop reading any more than I could stop breathing. My husband started reading with comic books bought at yard sales when he was a kid, and our daughter got her library card on our way home from the hospital.

  172. Reading was my favorite hobby growing up..and it still means so much to me! If you are having a bad day, reading a book can cheer you up & lets you escape reality for awhile.

    I love all kinds of books especially true crime, biographies, & love stories! Some of my favorite books as a child was the Nancy Drew mysteries & the Little House on the Prairie series as well as the Boxcar Children 🙂

    Thanks so much!

  173. One of my earliest memories is my dad reading Edgar Allen Poe’s Tales to to my brother and I while he was over seeing our bath. particularly his reading of the Tell Tale Heart. I think it explains my current enjoyment of paranormal and urban fantasy. My mother read Agatha Christie and I can remember reading them as young as 8.

  174. been reading since I was a child. it was the normalcy and escape I craved as a child. It got me through many difficult times then, and later as an adult. it’s a comfort, it enables me to “travel,” and it broadens my mind. I love reading.


  175. I’ve loved reading even before I knew how. I’m portuguese and I’m fortunate enough that movies and tv shows are subtitled here. But apparently I drove everyone crazy when I was a kid and was constantly asking “What did they say?” whenever the adults were watching something on tv.

    After I learned how to do it, I never stopped reading. My parents were great, they were always buying me new books but I would re-read the ones I had when I ran out of new ones. My behave-at-the-dentist bribe was I’d get a new book afterwards if I did 😀

    I pretty much stopped reading for fun when I went to college (except during the summer) but when I started working, the passion came back. I love reading so much, getting to travel without leaving my house is the next best thing to actual travel… I’m a chicken, so to be able to go on adventures without leaving my couch is grand! I laugh and I cry with the characters, and I get emotionally attached to some of them. I think reading is a great way to develop empathy. I really cannot conceive not reading and it’s weird for me when someone says they don’t like to read. I always think they just haven’t found the right book to get them started…

  176. One answer really helps me answer all 3 questions. I love reading both as a child & an adult because it helps me escape reality. I didn’t have the easiest childhood so I would just pick up a book and pretend I was in another world. And today as an adult that is still needed but for different reasons. The only difference is that now I have to deal with interruptions from my husband who can’t seem to understand that when there is a book in my hand that means leave me alone, I am not in this universe.

  177. I love to read when I was younger, but work got in the way. Now I’m retired due to my hubby’s medical problems, so I picked up reading again. When you sit in a hospital with nothing to do, reading helped me escape for a little bit of the everyday day stress into a life of enjoyment.
    Thanks for the chance.

  178. When I was much younger I loved reading……..a day didn’t go by unless I had a book in my hands. When I moved away from home and starting working was too busy to read. In the last few years I am back to reading full force. I find reading is so relaxing and comforting that I don’t see giving it up anytime soon.
    Thanks for the opportunity of winning……..Good Luck to everyone!!

  179. Wow, loved the blog post. I can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t read… . I can clearly remember the “Dick & Jane” primer readers we learned to read with in the 1st grade. Thanks to ebooks and Amazon and the apps for smartphones I am never without a book. I used to always have at least a paperback that would fit in my purse whenever I keft the house, just because you never knew when you would have a few moments to read. I read with my eldest daughter (now 25) from the time she could sit up by herself in my lap. She is an avid reader and used to re-read all the Harry Potter books before the movies were released, just to refresh her memory. She is also an aspiring author, so she too, just like you, Suzan, likes to read and write. We bought her a Kindle when they first came out; but, becasue she has smaller hands, she could not comfortably hold it. So, the opportunity to win one of the smaller ones for her with an Amazon Unlimited membership would be fantastic. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and have fun in Palm Springs

  180. My love for reading was my escape from my 3 siblings. I would hit in a corner of the house or yard just reading and even now it’s my escape from school ( going back after being out for 35 years) and work. I was sad when my daughter didn’t develop my same enjoyment of reading. I can only hope that when my granddaughter gets old enough she will love reading like I love it.

  181. I have been a reader as far back as I can remember. I have always enjoyed getting lost in fiction and learning from non fiction. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway and sharing your love of reading. I would be lost without a book or my KIndle nearby. I never go anywhere without one or the other and you can even see me reading while standing in line for…well, for anything. I don’t want to waste one second of my time. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.

  182. I learned to read at age 4 because the library was all we could afford. Books have always been my friends, siblings and escape. When things have been rough in life from sex abuse, spouse abuse and now guardianship of two grandkids that I adore, I escape into my books for a few hours. I accept life’s challenges, but am truly grateful for the authors who help me smile for awhile and keep my head up.
    I have shared the love of reading with my kids and now their kids. I can’t think of a better hobby or passion to give to the next generation.
    Thank you for a chance to win your giveaway as I read at least a book a day.

  183. I always loved to read!! We my kiddos were babies I had a few who wouldn’t sleep through the night, so I had a lot of late nights/early mornings. During those late nights I would hold my babies so they could sleep and lose myself in some amazing books! I still love to stay up late an enjoy an awesome book. Now I love seeing my children dive into an adventure everytime they turn a page:) Thank you for the chance to win!

  184. love reading. started reading when I was in fourth grade and haven’t stopped yet. When I started it was western, then scifi, and now I’m a dedicated romance reader.

  185. I didn’t have access to books before I started school. My 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Fisher gave me my first book and I was hooked. My favorite book as a girl was *Secrets of the Sand Hills*. I sure wish I could find a copy of that book now but of course it has been over 60 years since it was published so I probably am out of luck there. I read all genre of books. None are exempt. It all depends on what is going on in my life. I do know that books can fix what ever is wrong if you will let them. My daughter who lives in Japan went to my Amazon wish list and for Mother’s day and my birthday, she got about 25 items off that list for me. She is also a reader and a writer. I am glad that I instilled a love of reading in her. My son, not so much. I am so happy you are having this giveaway. KU is awesome. My daughter gave me 6 months of KU for Christmas last year. Thanks for doing such a great job writing your books. They help more than you know. Hugs.

  186. I have loved reading for a long time, I had kind of a rough childhood and as an adult have had all kinds of things to deal with that stress me way out. I use reading as an escape from my brain for a little while, because if I am not reading or keeping myself occupied my brain will just constantly go through all the things bothering me over and over and I drive my self crazy with worry. So when I read a book , I can escape into that books world for a while and all my issues are forgotten , its an escape, a relief , I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have books to read. I still have the first book that was given to me as a Christmas present in the first grade by my teacher, and the book my best friend gave me for my 14th birthday.

  187. I have always been a reader, starting when I could start visiting our local library. Like you, I was very introverted and reading was an escape – I would read anything. Since I was the oldest, it was my responsibility to cook dinner for the family. If we got a new magazine in the mail that day, I would probably be reading it instead of cooking. I have continued my reading through my adult life. I love my Kindles. They make it very easy to take my library with me when we travel. As my husband says, a Kindle weighs a lot less than 20 books.

  188. I love to read. It is an escape from the world I can’t cope with now. I have pared down my library by 1500 books this summer and still my husband is not happy, of course he doesn’t read. I am on book 306 this year, I try for one a day. I can escape to a world of romance, mystery, intrigue, or the paranormal for a few hours…a vacation every day.

  189. As an only child and rather “nerdy-looking” my true friends were found in the books, which I borrowed from the local library. Then I developed a severe neurological disorder at age 17, so books became even a more important part of my life.

  190. I love to read! I think reading started as an escape for me. I grew up in a military family. 5 kids, dad gone all them time overseas, mom having to work to take up the slack. Reading took me away from being “Miss Goody Two Shoes” in the family and let me explore and adventure as much as I wanted. I still read just as much today!

  191. I read a LOT as a kid — it was a means of escape for me as we didn’t have a lot and mostly stayed in our neighborhood. My parents were not readers and it took much for me to convince them to let me take a bus “to the big city” to go to the library. But those trips? They were like traveling the globe for me! A bus trip? Lunch in a restaurant? (We are talking the counter at a Woolworth’s!) and then….the library…..! Pretty dad-burned cool. I read all the Nancy Drew books, Hardy Boys, and others I can’t even remember as it was so long ago. And today? I read to escape, I read for enjoyment, I read so I can get lost in another world and not snack! :>) Probably the only thing I don’t enjoy is horror — it still gives me nightmares — but other than that, I enjoy all books.

  192. As a child I had a heart condition (was only supposed to live till 3 but so far have reached 67!) so I was not allowed to run & play like my brothers & sisters. Instead I stayed in with my books. Even in the summer when the Book-Mobile came around every 2 weeks, I read at least 10 books each time & received an award certificate. Reading is in my soul!

  193. I grew up in an abusive home. Reading was my escape. I truly was somewhere else during the hard times. I am still somewhere else when I read, but luckily I can come back to a happy reality. Books are the friends I had growing up because I couldn’t have anyone over. Now I have discovered additional friends to discuss books and authors who create these wonders.

  194. I’ve always been a big reader. Since I’ve been disabled, it’s what keeps me sane. Ummm, well, as sane as I get anyway. Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend everyone!

  195. My mom also gave me the love of reading. We lived in the country, so going to town and stopping at the library was the best treat for me. I loved Judy Blume as a tween/teenager. I remember when mom let me read Gone With The Wind, I was hooked on the historical romance bug. I love being able to go back in time and imagine myself in that time. My husband got my kindle for me for xmas, he said what a big mistake(he’s kidding of course) my nose is always buried in it. I take it everywhere with me.

  196. I come from a family of nine children whose parents were great readers. I learned to read
    at age 5 and as I grew older, I began reading to my siblings. Our favorite outing each week
    was a visit to the nearest library. One of my favorite photographs from our childhood was
    of all of us outside the library with our cards in hand and arms full of books!

  197. I remember when I was a little girl, living in a very small Midwest town where we had a Carnegie-funded library. What a great library that was! That’s where I found my love of books. I went every weekend. I had 3 sisters and 1 brother so we didn’t have a lot of spare money, so the library supplied an endless supply of “free” books. (A bargain you couldn’t beat then and you can’t beat now!)

  198. Part of my love of reading comes from my mother. She read to me every night. Nancy Drew, Little Women, The Secret Garden, Heidi, and many more. I was a Navy brat so we moved a lot. I was very shy and had a hard time making friends. Books were my friends when I started a new school and had no one friends. Reading is still my escape. Books let you go anywhere and do anything.

  199. I love to read. It was a way of escape for me as a child. The kids would tease me and this was my way of getting away from it. I have always read in some form, even when my children were growing up. My good friend brought me back to novels whe she convinced me to join her reading group. Now I have more books than my husband can stand!

  200. We moved around a time or two when I was growing up. It was always hard making friends in a new place. Books always seemed to make it easier. You could pretend you were brave and intrepid, or you already had a million friends you could talk to right in the pages of your books. What I would have given for the internet back then!!! At least all the reading did help with my vocabulary. One of my memories from childhood will always be my dad telling me to put down my book and come and watch TV with the family. It seemed I was always buried with my nose in a book if I had a new one to read or even an old one to reread. I always did prefer books to television!! Even today!!

  201. My love of reading started at a very young age. I love the smell of a book, and the way it feels in my hand. The first books I can remember my grandmother reading to us was books from Beatrice Potter, Peter Rabbit was my favorite! Then the she would read us Uncle Remus stories, and was transported to a different time and place, right smack in the road with Bur Rabbit, Bur Fox & Bur Bear. My granny did the voices and everything. (I now have those 2 books on my book shelf.) I could read by this time, but I loved to listen to read. We had stacks among stacks of books at her house. As I got older I started reading books by Judy Blume. My favorite genre is Historical Romance. Time Travel. The first Historical Romance I ever read was, A Kingdom of Dreams, by Judith McNaught. I was pregnant and aggravated, and my grandma in law gave me the book to read. After that I was hooked! I gobbled up everything Judith McNaught wrote, and discovered Jude Devereux, and Catherine Coulter. When my children were babies I started buying them books, and I started reading to them when they were about a year old. Through the years I tried to make them love reading as much as I did, but they didn’t. I read to them every night, and they loved it, but they never wanted to read themselves. As they got older my daughter would call me a book nerd. 🙂 I have to say without books, my life would not be the same. If I never physically get to visit any place outside of the United States, that I have gotten to go to Scotland, England, and Ireland through the pages of a book. Thanks to the great authors that have written all the wonderful stories that I have read.

  202. My earliest memory of reading is from Grade Two. We read Charlotte’s Web. I loved that book so much that, as a Mom, I bought it for my kids. As a teenager living in a rural community, there wasn’t much to do; or much to watch on television, with only 2 channels. I can remember reading a lot of V. C Andrews books. I also saw my Mom read a lot of Harlequin romances; and now I love romance books too. I think I read then, and I read books now, as a means of escape. Escape from all the stress of being a Mom, a wife and keeping everything going. When reading a great book, I feel, joy, laughter, sometimes tears, but overall, a peaceful feeling. I was thinking today, I hope I live many, many more years; as there are so many great books out there for me to read. I am so thankful for the library (which I live 3 hours from) that lets me borrow books, and sends them by mail; at no cost to me. I request books for me and my boys. They are both great readers too. I think one of the most precious gifts is the ability to read; and one I don’t take for granted. Thank you for the opportunity to express my love for reading.

  203. My older brother planted the love of reading within me. We are 3 years apart. When I was 4 years old, I would go to his room and he would give me a kid’s magazine to read. Although I couldn’t read anything at that time, the pictures and colors got my imagination going. By the age of 6, I started writing my own journal.

    I grew up in Indonesia where public library is practically nonexistent. I lucked out that my highschool had a decent library that got some fund from the UNICEF. During recess time, people could find me in the library; reading a novel or practicing my English.

    Through the love of reading and writing, I won several competitions that brought me to visit other countries. It really opened up my mind. I started writing a blog and got connected with people from all over the world. That was how I met my husband; through writing. I lived in Indonesia and he lived in the USA. We were penpals before he visited me and my family in Indonesia. The rest is history.

    Now I live in the USA, happily married and became a mother of a very active toddler. Our daughter loves to read and she is surrounded by books. I never limit our daughter when it comes to books. I want her to understand the power of reading and writing. So far it is going good!

    Thank you for the chance, Suzan!

  204. I learned to read in first grade and from then on I would read everything I could. When researching something for a school assignment, I often found other entries in the encyclopedia that I read because they were interesting.
    Thanks for the chance.

  205. Believe it or not but when I was younger I used reading very boring, challenging, and intimidating. There are probably many books such as The Little Golden Books, The books for Saints, and those soft covered books that were ‘tied’ together with thread. There is one particular book from my childhood that really sticks out “Yesterday’s doll” by: Cora Taylor. I have to thank my Auntie Millie for my love for reading she left some of her V.C. Andrews books lying around and that’s how it all started (heh heh). I am very grateful for rummage sales where I’ve received most of my books. I love reading and I love to support reading as well. I’ve donated boxes of books to our library, left boxes of books in our front yard for people to take, I’ve given away books to family and friends. Hmm, I don’t really have a favorite book but I’m a sucker for Historical Romance. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway and best to all who entered

  206. I was a shy kid and had trouble making new friends when in the 7th grade our teacher introduced us to Shakespeare. From that time on I was hooked, reading became my escape and the books were my friends. That was 40 years ago and my love has not faded. My parents and ex-husband did not understand it and that I don’t have anyone telling me I needed to stop reading I devour books. I at one point had all of Jude Deveraux’s books but my house had been flooded 3 times so I have lost some of them and books from other favorite authors. I have a kindle now but I still like to collect books from certain authors. My kindle is my constant companion I take it just about everywhere with me. I have arthritis in my spine and am in pain most of the time but with books to read it transports me to other time and places so I can focus on other things and forget about the pain. I have passed my love of books to my son and we even read some of the same books, we both love Jim Butcher and Laurrel K Hamilton. I already subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and would recommend it to anyone with a Kindle.

  207. My mom used to take us every Friday morning to the library. They had a library hour for the kids then when it was over we got to each pick one book. Growing up I was the kid who went to bed with a flashlight so I could read under the covers while I was suppose to be sleeping. The when I went to college, got married and had babies, I had no time to read. Then finally back in 2007, when my kids were a little older I started reading again. I usually read 1 – 3 books a week and love it. I love my romance books and enjoy a happy ending. Luckily all three of my daughters love to read too but now that they are all in college, they are finding they don’t have as much time for it anymore! 🙂

  208. As a child I didn’t read much, because I was not very good at reading to myself or even out loud in front of anyone. I would practice reading a very small paragraph in school before it was my turn to read out loud. I stumble over words many times. Then when I was in middle school my Aunt gave me a book when I was baby sitting to keep me busy while the children were sleeping then I was hooked! It was Stephen King’s “Carrie.” Also, V.C. Andrews “Flowers in the Attic.” To this day I thank my Aunt for helping me to read anything. Not be afraid of how it comes out just enjoy what you put into your brain. Words mean a lot to everyone!

  209. As a small child, I can remember my Father reading to me and my sister. Probably one of his hunting and fishing magazines or a Western by Louis L’Amour.
    I loved learning to read for my self. I grew up on a ranch in Colorado far from town and so books became my friends. At our town’s small library one could check out 10 books every 2 weeks. My sister would check out 10 and I would check out 10 and so we read and read. I think by the time I graduated high school, I had read all of the books in that library!
    I am still an avid reader

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