Today’s Nick Name For Our Little Bundle:

Today’s nick name for our little bundle of joy:  Niblet, Warrior Princess!
Finishing up morning coffee then off to see Niblet. She’s doing great! She has been breathing on her own since she was born, which is awesome! She’s very active, and by very active, I mean she is kicking, stretching, yawning, and yes, she cries. She sounds like a little kitten when she cries!
All of her ‘numbers’ are fantastic. Her alarms have only gone off twice since she was born and she self-corrected each time.
She was born at 25 weeks and 4 days gestation.
And yes, she has a pacifier already! lol She keeps putting her fingers in her mouth to suck (which I’m told she shouldn’t be doing for 2 more weeks) and when she does that, she pulls on the tube. she also likes to grab the other wires and pull on them.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Nick Name For Our Little Bundle:

  1. Amazing! Prays keep coming for Niblet, you and the family, and hmedical team.

  2. My thoughts are with with you..I know the roller coaster you are on. My grandson was born at 23 weeks weighing 1.6 pounds and 12inches long. He came home1 month before his due date. The only surgery he needed was a reservoir for a precaution. He is now a rambunctious 2 year old that can try the patience of a saint. As someone that’s been there I understand how even a gram of weight gain is a reason to celebrate. You look for the silver lining at every step. I look forward to following along as each hurdle becomes nothing more than a stepping stone.

  3. That’s wonderful news! She is totally amazing! I am continuing to pray for Niblet, you and your family, and the medical team. Sending loads of love, hugs, and prayers.

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