It’s Hunky Highlander Week!

I love a Hunky Highlander, don’t you? 

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What type of Highlander is your favorite?

There are all sorts of hunky Highlanders. Which is your personal favorite? The honorable yet slightly imperfect? The Brooder? The  wounded heart? The misguided? One I haven’t mentioned?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this blog post and on Saturday, I’ll chose one lucky winner to receive a free ebook from me. 😀 



8 thoughts on “It’s Hunky Highlander Week!

  1. Could be that i was a healer in another life , Maybe it’s because I have faith in the HEA sometimes Love & compassion can heal all wound’s
    Or they were born in the most beautiful heroic country ever. so I’m voting for slightly imperfect? The Brooder? The wounded heart? The misguided? Highlander.

  2. I prefer the misguided, honorable brooder with the wounded heart. Oh, he’s also imperfect.
    Got to love those Highlanders!!

  3. I like all highlander stories. But the ones I favor the most have heroes from olden times or are time travelers. Highlanders rock!

  4. I find I enjoy all types of highlanders. If they were all the same, the many books I read would become somewhat stale. All of them need conflict, both external and internal, they have a goal that is paramount in their lives. All I love to envision sexy as hell, (whether they know it or not), and will do absolutely anything (even death) for their one and true love. Yep, I’m such a romantic!

  5. I love the strong, honorable but with imperfections that can and will perfected with the love of a strong loving woman. You know the ones, your stories are just full men and women that answer to those descriptions.

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