Romancing the Smokies 2017

Romancing the Smokies will be my first (but not last) appearance for 2017! I’m super excited about this event. I attended last year and had so much fun, I signed up immediately for this year. 

Lunch With Some of Your Favorite Authors

One of the things I absolutely love about this event is the fact that we get to have lunch with some of our favorite readers! We usually have ten people to a table, so it is far more intimate. I like that. We get to know you, and you get to know us. 

What’s in Store for Romancing the Smokies 2017?

They have even more fun and exciting things planned for us this year! A Masquerade Ball. I’m going as a menopausal romance author, so no, you don’t need an expensive costume. Wear a nice outfit and tell everyone you’re a nudist on strike! It’s going to be loads of fun no matter what you come as. 


Romancing the Smokies
March 17-18, 2017
Knoxville, TN 

Romance, fantasy and cozy mystery writers welcome readers to a fabulous weekend, including An Intimate Gathering on the Emerald Isle presented by Leanne Tyler and Lexie Witcher, The Clean Reads Spring Luncheon and The Dark Hollows Press Masquerade Gala!

Keynote: Debby Guisti
Welcome Speaker: JK Ensley
Event Emcee: Mallory Kane
Presented By: Donna Wright


On Friday night, we are having a St. Paddy’s Day Party, THE MEETING ON THE EMERALD ISLE, sponsored by Leanne Tyler/Lexie Witcher. Since it starts after dinner, we’ll have light snacks and green spiked punch ast-patricks-day_lglong with an ice breaker where you will receive special swag just for that evening and get to know the authors one-on-one.
Also, you will receive a goody-bag full of swag from authors all over the world, as part of your ticket. 

On Saturday, you can join us in open house style in our hospitality suite for a continental breakfast of muffins and fruit, or treat yourself to the hotel breakfast buffet. At lunch, sponsored by Clean Reads, we will have tables where you will receive author swag from the authors at your table and they will be decorated beautifully!  

You will have a chance to win the beautiful décor and also a chance to buy door prize tickets where you can win gorgeous baskets of books and other fun items.

book-signingOf course, the booksigning is next where you can purchase books by some of your favorite authors. (Yes, I will have books there for you to purchase. But please, feel free to bring your own copies. I’ll sign them either way. 😀




542f835fca92cb733dd63d38fe3aa8d7On Saturday night, you can dress up and put on your best mask! We are having a masquerade gala sponsored by Dark Hollows Press. There will be casino games, a book auction, and so much more, including a special basket for one lucky reader worth over $300, which includes a Kindle!

Click here for information on tickets, the hotel, etc. 

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