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54 exclusive freebies!

I am happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with some AMAZING authors for a free book giveaway you won’t want to miss!

 You can’t get these books for free anywhere else, so now’s the time to stock up on these amazing offers from a select group of authors! Yes, 54 FREE books in total – 10 different genres to enjoy – and a chance to win a Kindle Fire! I think this is a great way to find new authors and books.

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54 Exclusive Freebies!

It’s like a Book Fair, but it’s  FREE!

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It’s Hunky Highlander Week!

I love a Hunky Highlander, don’t you? 

Hop on over to StoryFinds and enter for a chance to win ebooks by me, Kate Robbins, Parris Afton Bonds and Eliza Knight! screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-9-28-39-am






What type of Highlander is your favorite?

There are all sorts of hunky Highlanders. Which is your personal favorite? The honorable yet slightly imperfect? The Brooder? The  wounded heart? The misguided? One I haven’t mentioned?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this blog post and on Saturday, I’ll chose one lucky winner to receive a free ebook from me. 😀 



Today’s Topic: Newsletters!

There has been a lot of talk lately amongst authors and readers about newsletter emails. More specifically, readers being inundated with them.

As authors, we try to find ways to engage with our readers.

We LOVE you and want to keep you informed and up to attention-attention-2date on our books, upcoming releases, etc. It isn’t easy trying to reach everyone. So we utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and yes, newsletters.

Newsletter emails

In a recent discussion with a reader, I learned that she rarely opens any of the dozens of newsletters she receives on a daily basis. I have to think there are lots more readers out there, just like her. You all simply do not have time to pour through dozens of emails every day. Heck, I don’t have time to pour through all of the one’s I’ve signed up for either.

I do have many readers who will always read my monthly newsletter email. But I have far more who don’t, and that is okay! I’m not knocking you and I’m not knocking the use of newsletter emails. 

So I’ve decided to make a few changes for 2017. I’m only sending out newsletter emails on a quarterly basis. However, I am going to be using my blog and Facebook attention-read-all-about-itto communicate with you on a regular basis. Oh, it might not be quite as pretty as my newsletter, but I think it will be easier for everyone, including me, lol


Blog Vs. Newsletter

So if you would like to stay up to date with new releases, upcoming events, etc., you can follow me here on my Cheeky Wench Blog. Just click the ‘subscribe’ button on the right hand side of the webpage, enter your email, and you’re all set. 

Future Contests

In the future, when I run a contest, I won’t force you to sign up for my newsletter. I’ll have other easy things for you to do to participate and enter. 

The Edge of Forever

The Edge of Forever

More than a year ago I released a book titled, The King’s Courtesan. At that time, it was only available at Amazon US and only in digital format. Without going into all the details, I am now able to release this novel on my own! I’ve re-titled it The Edge of Forever. (Yes, I am one very happy camper!) 

The Edge of Forever will be available at iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and Kindle in digital format. Not all of the pre-order links are live yet. I’ll post them as soon as they are available.

 I will also be releasing it in paperback and hardcover formats! I’m currently searching for just the right female voice to narrate this novel for audiobook. 

The Edge of Forever will be live on December 16, 2016 at all major ebook retailers. 



I do believe my cover artist (Dar Albert with Wicked Smart Designs) blew this one out of the park!! I absolutely love this cover! 


Let It Snow Audiobook Giveaway!


So many awesome authors have joined together to give away lots of FREE Audiobooks! Now through December 15th. Just look for the hashtag #snowaudio on Facebook and/or Twitter to see how you can win!


I’m giving away FREE 2 copies each of Laiden’s Daughter, Findley’s Lass, and Wee William’s Woman from my Clan MacDougall Series. It’s easy to enter and you have lots of chances.

  1. Leave a comment here AND/OR
  2. Go to Facebook or Twitter and look for the hashtag #snowaudio and follow directions there. 

It’s super easy! 

I’m giving away FREE copies of Laiden’s Daughter, Findley’s Lass, and Wee William’s Woman from my Clan MacDougall Series. It’s easy to enter and you have lots of chances to win lots of different audio books!snowaudio-contestld