InD’Scribe 2016 – A Success!

I had the pleasure of attending another successful InD’Scribe Author and Reader Conference! 

While it is good to be home, I find that I am missing my friends. Not just my author friends, but the fabulous women (and men) who help make InD’Scribe such a success. I have to tip my hat to TJ Mackay and her team. The confimg_6175erence was flawless. If there were any issues, I didn’t see them. 

The conference was made even more special by the fact that I was able to bring my youngest daughter and my cousin with me! It was the adventure and trip of a lifetime!


We really have to come up with a better name! This isn’t ‘networking’ in the traditional sense, or at least I didn’t think so. I think ‘building friendships’ is a better description. I met so many new women and men this year. Authors whose names I recognize along with a few new ones. Kate O’Keefe, Elizabeth Essex, Maimg_6182rina Adair, Kathryn Biel, Rebecca Forster, Rachel Van Dyken, Kristen Vayden, Whitney Dineen… the list is endless! These were new-to-me faces and authors and honestly, I could not help but fall in love with each of them! I know I’m probably neglecting to mention more names and I do apologize for that.

Did I mention you get to meet cover models? Sean Hampton and Michael Foster are two of the sweetest and img_6343kindest young men you will ever have the pleasure of meeting!


It was also nice to meet in person people whom I have worked with in the past. Eliza Knight is the first to come to mind. Such a beautiful soul and a charming young woman. And Barbara Devlin. OMG! She is one of the funniest and kindest women I have ever met. 😀 

It was also great to see old friends. Kathryn Le Veque (my daughter now calls her Aunt Kat!) Amy Jarecki, Kathryn Lynn Davis, Catherine Bybee,  Victoria Zak (who my daughter and cousin have deemed ‘the sweetest woman on the planet’. 


There were workshops for all levels of authors. From beginners to more advanced classes. As always, my most favorite classes were the one’s Anne Perry taught. If you ever get the chance to sit in on an Anne Perry Workshop, do it! You will not be disappointed. 

img_6284Linda Rae Sande gave a great workshop on AuthorPreneurhsip that even I found useful! She is one exceedingly organized woman. So much so that I’m jealous. I will start using her techniques on organizing files. 


InD’Tale knows how to through a party! As does Kathryn Le Veque!img_6362

I had the honor to host my own party with Rachel Van Dyken, Beth Carter, Eliza Knight, and Jennifer Ashley. We had a bruschetta bar along with hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. They hotel even provided waiters to walk through the crowds with trays of food. We gave away some awesome prizes too. Readers and authors were welcome to attend these parties and they were a blast. img_6365

Kathryn Le Veque went all out with decorations and music. My favorite part though had to be the dessert bar! Cake pops, cup cakes, cookies… they are all delicious. We also danced the night away!

Who Does It Better?

This was one FUN event! Together with Arial Burnz, Victoria Vane, Victoria Zak, Linda Rae Sande, and Maureen Betita, we had a little event for our readers called “Who Does It Better?” Who was the better lover or character, a Highlander, a cowboy, a vampire, a dragon shifter, or a pirate? I was lucky enough to snag cover model Michael Foster and bring him in as my example. Yes, the Highlander won! Was it cheating? I think not! lol

Thinking of attending next year?

Oh, I hope you do!! Whether it is for a day or the entire conference, you will not be disappointed. Especially the readers. While it might not have looked like there were lots of things for readers to do, there were!! Readers can attend the evening parties, reader sessions (such as who does it better) as well as the book signing and the RONE Awards. Most of the events are free for readers, but because of the food served at the RONE awimg_6390ards, you must purchase a ticket for that event. 

img_6402When you attend as a reader, we just worship you! There are lots of hugs passed out, as well as candy and even chances to have some one on one time with your favorite authors. Did I mention free hugs and chocolate? 

October 2017

InD’Scribe will be announcing very soon the schedule for next year’s conference. They are 99.9% certain it will be held in October again. If you get the chance to attend as an author, you should! The workshops, the friendships forged, and the chance to meet your readers are all great reasons to attend. 

If you attend as a reader, the chance to meet your favorite authors, dance the night away, and attend the stellar RONE awards are just a few of the great reasons to go. And did I mention free hugs and candy??

img_6423 img_6440 img_6455 img_6459

InD’Scribe Author & Reader Con A Success!

As many of you are already aware, a couple of weeks ago, I attended the InD’Scribe Author & Reader Conference in Palm Springs, California. I had a blast!

The conference was well run, the workshops for authors were amazing, the food and company was excellent. I had the opportunity to meet some very talented authors as wells as some exceedingly nice readers.

That’s Anne Perry sitting right next to me. The brunette just over my right shoulder!

I was able to sit next to one of our keynote speakers, the talented author Anne Perry. Kind, gracious, and quite witty! I am always inspired by this woman. Yes, I fan-girled for a few minutes.

By the time her speech was over, I wanted nothing more than to go back to my room and begin writing. She talked about backstory, plotting, outlining, how to write great characters, self-doubt (can you believe SHE has moments of self-doubt?)

At our author luncheon the following day, I sat with her and her friend, Victoria Zackhiem!



I dressed as the Menopausal Scarlet O’Hara for our Costume party.

The Guardians! Ceci Giltenan, Lily Baldwin, Kathryn Lynn Davis, Me, Sue-Ellen Welfonder & Tarah Scott
The Guardians! Ceci Giltenan, Lily Baldwin, Kathryn Lynn Davis, Me, Sue-Ellen Welfonder & Tarah Scott










The Guardians of Cridhe sisters and I hosted a wonderful party on Friday night! Lots of authors and readers attended, as well as some very handsome and beautiful cover models. The Scotch Eggs were a hit!

IMG_7609 IMG_7619 IMG_7607












Author Catherine Bybee gave a fantastic and inspirational speech. I just adore this woman!

Just me and Catherine Bybee being silly!
Just me and Catherine Bybee being silly!











Our Guardians of Cridhe Anthology – Highland Winds, Won the RONE for Best Anthology!

The Guardians!
Me and my little sister from another mister, Victoria Zak














Fellow authors Kathryn Le Veque, Victoria Zak, tooled around Palm Springs together. We went shoe shopping at the Palm Springs Payless Shoe Store. Somehow, I doubt the rich and famous of Palm Springs shop there.

So many beautiful authors that I know I’ll forget to mention at least a handful. The guardians: Ceci Giltenan, Tarah Scott, Lily Baldwin, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Kathryn Lynn Davis, Victoria Zak. Anne Perry, Catherine Bybee, Hildie McQueen, Victoria Vane, Amy Jarecki, Ev Bishop, Janna Shay, Beth Carter, April Holthaus… the list of women I got to hug or hang out with is a mile long!

Every luncheon, every workshop, every event was spot on fantastic! Readers could hang out with their favorite authors, either at the book signing room or in classes or even at night. Reader Sarah Renaud joined us for the RONE’s. She was our good luck charm!

I have to give 2 thumbs up and 10 gold stars to the girls from InD’Tale Magazine for hosting such a fabulous event. Seriously, they did a great job! Thank you to TJ Mackay, Tonya Smalley, Julie York, Stevie, Janna, all the InD’Tale women, Sebastian, all the people at Period Images, VJ Dunraven, Arline, Rosa, Foster, Brandon, Jax, the makeup and hair kids…

InD’Tale: you really hit this one out of the park! I’m already looking forward to next year!!