December’s Release!

Only two months left in 2016? My, oh, my it has been a busy year! A few terrifying moments, such as when our Warrior Princess arrived 15 weeks early. But the beautiful moments far outweighed the rough and scary.

And can you believe it is November and the CUBS are still playing?

I’m so happy, it ain’t even funny! I know my mom is in heaven right now, hanging out with Harry Carry and all the other fans who didn’t get to live to see this. 

I had a special announcement in yesterday’s newsletter regarding an upcoming release. No, it has nothing at all to do with any of my current Scottish Historical books. But it is still special all the same! At least to me its special and I hope you’ll think the same!

In December, I will be releasing a book titled, The Edge of Forever (previously titled, The King’s Courtesan.)

Until now, this book was only available digitally and only in the US. But come next month, it will be available around the world, digitally as well as in paperback and hardcover formats! And at some point next year (still trying to find the right narrator as it is written in first person, from the heroine’s point of view) it will be available in audio book format. Yes, it is a full length novel. 

Along with a new title comes a new cover and bonus content. Wait until you see this cover! When my cover artist sent the first draft, it was so absolutely perfect that I screamed! 😀 I immediately called her (still screaming with delight) and told her not to change a thing! She really knocked this one out of the park. 

I’ll do a cover reveal in a few weeks. Newsletter subscribers will get to see it first, then I’ll share it here and on social media. 

I’ll keep you all posted, I promise. As soon as I have a release date set, I will let you know. 

And yes, I’m still working on The Bowie Bride! Due to all the traveling I had in October, as well as that awful case of bronchitis, I had to push the release date to January. I’m still on target for that. But we all know what a crazy life I live so I’m not going to give a definitive date until the book is done and with the editor. I thank you for your patience. 

As many of you already know, I made Laiden’s Daughter free at the end of September…

I was going to put it back at regular price at the end of last month. But there was such an overwhelming positive response from readers (nearly 100,000 downloads so far!) that I have decided to keep it free until further notice. Additionally, the entire Clan MacDougall Series is now available at Nook and Kobo, and soon they’ll be live at iBooks (just waiting for them to shake through the approval process.) Yes, they’re all still available at Kindle

Sending big hugs and lots of love to all of you! Have a great week. And GO CUBS!!!! 



June iBooks Giveaway!

This is one heck of a multi-author event! Each participating author is giving away an iBook a day throughout the month of June!

I’ll choose one winner a day through June 30, 2016. Winners will receive on free digital iBook copy  Isle of the Blessed. The winners will be chosen from comments section here, on my Facebook author page, or by tweeting/re-tweeting the graphic found on twitter. If you share or retweet, don’t forget to use the hashtag #ibooksgalore!

June iBooks Giveaway with iBooks graphic

Don’t have an iPad? No worries! You can download the free iBooks app for your smartphone or tablet.

There are dozens of authors participating in this event. Just look for the hashtag #ibooksgalore on Facebook and Twitter!

Good luck and thanks for participating!!

6/10/16 winner: Tiffany M.


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