The Brides of The Clan MacDougall – A Sweet Series

I’ve just launched my new sweet series, The Brides of The Clan MacDougall. The first book, Aishlinn, went live yesterday.


Aishlinn is the sweet/non-steamy version of the first book I ever wrote, Laiden’s Daughter. In a nutshell, it is the same story, but all love scenes take place behind closed doors. There is still passion and romance, intrigue and mystery.

My inbox and FB pages have been filled with lots of good wishes, but also lots of inquiries. The number one question is ‘why did you do this?’

  1.  I wanted to reach a wider range of readers. What one reader might consider tame — as my mother often lamented — another reader would consider erotica. Personally, I considered my books somewhere in between. Passionate without being too graphic.
  2. I have granddaughters and grandnieces of varying ages. Most of them love to read, however, I think they’re a wee bit too young yet for most of the subject matter in my books. But  in a few short years, they will be able to handle a ‘sweeter’ version of my books. Battle scenes have been tamed down and all ‘love scenes’ take place behind closed doors.

I’m also taking the opportunity to have the originals fully re-edited. Remember, in the beginning of my writing career, I didn’t have all the awesome editors and cover artists that I now have. I figured this was a great time to ‘spruce’ things up a bit.

Over the next few months, I’ll be adding Maggy (Findley’s Lass) and Nora (Wee William’s Woman) to The Brides of The Clan MacDougall. Again, they’re the same stories, just sweeter versions and far less graphic than the originals.

Don’t worry, the original stories are still available, with all the steam and gory battle scenes a girl could want! 😀




maggie copy-EBOOK FINAL

Nora ebook final