Isle of the Blessed

The Legend of the Theodosia Sword was the brainchild of author Kathryn Le Veque.

More than a year ago, she approached me, along with Cynthia Wright, Christi Caldwell, Eliza Knight, and Eva Devon, with an idea to write an anthology surrounding this legend. Each of us took an era and wrote a story about the Theodosia Sword, from its creation to current day. Thus, the USA Today Bestseller, With Dreams Only Of You anotholgy, was born.

My contribution to that anthologisle-of-the-blessed-e-readery was Isle of the Blessed. In it, readers were introduced to the Clan MacAulay and our hero and heroine, Graeme and Josephine. Much to my delight many readers reached out letting me know how much they enjoyed Graeme and Josephine’s story.
They also wanted to know about Albert and Laurin.

I am now releasing Isle of the Blessed as a single novel. In it, you will find the original story of Graeme and Josephine. You will also find out what happened to Albert and Laurin.

Isle of the Blessed will be available at iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and Amazon. The paperback will be available very soon. I’ll have more information on that in a few days.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you, my wonderful and beautiful readers! Isle of the Blessed marks my fifth and final release for 2015. I am sincerely looking forward to the many new books I’ll be releasing in 2016.